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Historical Timeline

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology began its storied history in 1985, four years before South Dakota became a state, as the Dakota School of Mines.  In our timeline, beginning below in the 1870's, we move through university history set in the context of important state and national milestones.  



(July 24)  First  complete ascent of Harney Peak by Dr. Valentine T. McGillycuddy, Prof. Henry Newton, Captain Tuttle, and Lieutenant Foote of the  Jenney-Newton Expedition.


(February 25)  Rapid City laid out.
1876 Rapid City

(June)  Custer defeated at the Battle of Little Big Horn.


 (February 5)  First edition of the Black Hills Weekly Journal printed, the forerunner to the Rapid City Journal.  Joseph B. Gossage was editor and publisher.

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