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About the School of Mines
Since 1885, the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has been a national leader in preparing world-class engineers and scientists. Award-winning undergraduate education is enhanced by graduate education and research and development in areas of critical need to South Dakota, the nation, and the world.

Our graduates design, construct, and operate the most modern technology to meet today’s complex challenges and are held in the highest regard by their fellow leaders in industry, consulting, government, health, research, and education.

From geology and mining engineering to particle physics and atmospheric sciences, our graduates are in high demand. They have a sound foundation in their profession and most have real world experience to make them highly competitive for the best paying jobs in America. Ninety-eight percent of our undergraduates have a job at an average starting salary of $62,696 or a place in graduate school upon graduation. That’s better than Harvard. And, on average, our graduates start their professional careers with less than $25,000 in college loan debt.