Green Community

Think green on campus and in the community. Here’s how:


Buy local.
  • Spend the day at Main Street Square or Founder’s Park, perusing the farmers’ market for fresh produce.
  • Check out local, eco-friendly co-ops, like the Breadroot Natural Food Co-op, restaurants, and stores.
Go off the grid.
  • Shred the slopes, scale the Needles, or whitewater raft through the “Hummer,” a 10-foot drop along Rapid Creek. 
  • If mountain biking or backpacking is your thing, explore more than 6,000 miles of trails, winding through forests, over mountain peaks, and under waterfalls. 
  • Kayak on the crystal waters of the Black Hills’ many lakes.
Branch Out.
  • Talk with other sustainable communities, sharing initiatives, celebrating efforts, and getting tips and tricks to add a little green to your life.