Challenging Academics

Breakthroughs happen by tackling society's biggest challenges to deliver solutions that matter. At SD Mines, you'll leave with the connections and credentials to transform your passion into purpose, joining our alumni at Google, NASA, Microsoft, and SpaceX or in business, law, and medical school.

Our standards are high, pairing globally-competitive programs with industry experience that puts the classroom into practice through hands-on internships and high-level research, with academic and advising support every step of the way.


Our students build nuclear reactors as high school juniors, bring WiFi to the world with Google's Project Loon, and intern with NASA on missions to Mars. So it's no surprise they become Fulbright finalists, National Merit Scholars, and earn prestigious national scholarships like the Truman, Udall, and Mitchell, given to only twelve students annually nationwide.

Opportunities for Achievement and Support

Academics are challenging here, but when a challenge is successfully met the outcome is personal empowerment.  In the words of one engineering student, "don't ever tell us that something can't be done."  It's that spirit that drives the academic experience at Mines.  A wide variety of campus programs and organizations support students in academic achievement, professional development, and provide outlets to try new things, collaborate with others, and expand personal horizons.  Below are just a few:



Service With A Purpose

Mines alumnus David LaPorte will spend the year combating landslide devastation on Guatemala’s slopes as a Fulbright Scholar. While he is one of over 1,900 US Fulbright Scholars who will address critical challenges abroad, he is the only one to have made the 2,400-mile trek back from the heart of Central America to Austin, Texas, on a 10-speed bike custom built by him and a Guatemalan friend.

David LaPorte, pictured above in orange jersey, with some local friends.