Tiospaye Useful Links

Tiospaye Scholar Tristan Picotte Published in Environmental Health News - Oct 2014

This is the KEVN Black Hills Fox Story on the 2009 Tiospaye Honoring Ceremony:

Our honored Tiospaye Scholars:
http://news.sdsmt.edu/stories/76871/ (story is on SDSM&T old website)

This is the press release of the NSF Grant awarded to the School of Mines for the Tiospaye Scholarship Program:
http://news.sdsmt.edu/press/8968/ (story is on SDSM&T old website)

This is the School of Mines press release for the 2009 Fall Honoring Ceremony:
http://news.sdsmt.edu/press/74694/ (story is on SDSM&T old website)