WiSE - Women in Science and Engineering

The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program is designed to educate, recruit, retain, and graduate academically motivated women in STEM fields.


There are three components of WiSE, illustrated through monthly activities and yearly events:

  • NETWORKING -- with peers through monthly WiSE talks and events
  • OUTREACH -- Engaging K-12 students during outreach opportunities throughout the year
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT -- through workshops and monthly WiSE talks

Additionally, several WiSE activities and events satisfy many Mines Advantage requirements.

Program Overview

WiSE provides students, with particular emphasis on women, with support, encouragement, and information intended to help them stay in STEM fields. We offer our STEMinists, as we like to call them, a host of monthly and annual events, including mentoring for all first-year women students, informal mentoring, career exploration and planning, access to professional development opportunities and professional conferences, and outreach opportunities.

The program is led by Lisa Carlson, director, and Sarah Folsland, program coordinator.  The WiSE program is provided with leadership and direction from a steering committee consisting of two students from engineering and science disciplines, two faculty members from engineering and science disciplines, an administrator, and the director.

We address challenges faced by women in entering STEM fields, graduating and staying in STEM professions, and advancing to corporate leadership roles.

Steminists and Grubby


Become a WiSE Member

Support WiSE - donate at the SD Mines Foundation website and designate WiSE as the recipient program.