Faculty and Staff

Andrew G Detwiler

Email: andrew.detwiler@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1995
Office: MI 210
B.S., University of Michigan
M.S., Ph.D., State University of New York, Albany

William J Capehart

Email: William.Capehart@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1994
Office: MI 213
B.S., University of North Carolina at Asheville
M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University Main Campus

Darren R Clabo

Email: Darren.Clabo@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1996
Office: MI 202
B.S., University of Oklahoma
M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Adam J French

Email: Adam.French@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1649
Office: MI 208
B.S., Valparaiso University
M.S., North Carolina State University
Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Donna V Kliche

Email: donna.kliche@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1957
Office: MI 201A
B.S., Faculty of Physics, Bucharest Romania
M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Ph.D., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

John H Helsdon

Email: john.helsdon@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1987
Office: ATM / MI 212A
B.S., Trinity College
M.S., Ph.D., State University of New York, Albany

Lisa A Kunza

Email: lisa.kunza@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2449
Office: MI 206
B.S., University of Central Missouri
M.S., University of Central Missouri
Ph.D., University of Wyoming

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. Paul Smith, PhD, electrical engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology. Radar meteorology, cloud physics, and weather modification
  • Dr. Briant Davis, PhD, geology, University of California, Los Angeles. X-ray diffraction analysis, nucleation, and air pollution
  • Dr. John H. Helsdon, Jr., PhD, atmospheric sciences, State University of New York at Albany. Cloud electrification, lightning, numerical modeling, and cloud physics and dynamics
  • Dr. Mark R. Hjelmfelt, PhD, meteorology, University of Chicago. Mesoscale meteorology, modeling, radar meteorology, and cloud physics

Adjunct Faculty

  • Dr. Matthew Bunkers, National Weather Service
  • Dr. John Stamm, USGS
  • Dr. Gary Johnson