Career Overview

Applied Biological Sciences

Applied Biological Sciences - ABS graduates will be rigorously trained in the basic biological sciences, with a strong background in chemistry, mathematics, and physics.  Students will then focus in one of several areas of specialization.  These areas include biomedical engineering, including materials science; applied and industrial microbiology; and molecular biology.

The interdisciplinary specialization afforded by this program will uniquely position students for careers (or further graduate study) in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical engineering and technology, biotechnology, bioprocessing, bioenergy, and patent law.  ABS graduates will also be well-positioned to fill the demand for highly-trained middle and high school science teachers.  See the departmental brochure entitled Careers in Applied Biological Sciences


From pharmaceuticals and food supply to energy and environment, chemistry is crucial to scientific progress in a huge number of areas. (See careers in chemistry). With an SDSM&T degree in chemistry, certified by the American Chemical Society, our graduates go on to participate in new chemical breakthroughs in areas like nanoscience and technology, materials science and research, energy production, and healthcare.
Our graduates find meaningful careers in medical and forensic sciences, environmental testing, patent or environmental law, material synthesis and testing, medicinal chemistry, nanochemistry, or chemical research. And consider this . . . given the innovations occurring in chemistry every day, the career you begin upon graduation may not even exist yet as you read this today. Also, see the departmental brochure entitled Careers in Chemistry.
Companies hiring recent graduates: LyondellBasell, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Axon North America, Con Agra, Energy Laboratories, Intermountain Labs, Fuelade Technologies
Average starting salary:  $38,400 *Average based on less than five offers

Placement rate: 98% of 2012-2013 SDSM&T graduates are working in their career field or pursuing advanced degrees.

Jennifer Kennedy

"My path has definitely been different, but I feel that I have certainly found my niche. The chemistry degree I earned from SDSM&T afforded me the opportunity to work for the United Nations, which opened many doors for me. When pursuing my MBA, the math skills I learned via the chemistry curriculum came in very handy."

Jennifer E. Kennedy
Vice President, Wealth Management Specialist,
Merrill Lynch
BS, Chemistry from SDSM&T in 1998