Faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biological Sciences conduct basic and applied research in diverse areas of chemistry and biological sciences. Participation in research is strongly encouraged at the undergraduate level. An independent publishable research project is expected for a research-based MS or PhD. 

Current research programs include:

Chemistry | More Information

  • Organic synthesis, polymer chemistry (Boyles)
  • Analytical chemistry (Heglund)
  • inorganic chemistry; physical chemistry; materials science; electrochemistry (Smirnova)

Nanomaterials Science | More Information

  • Nanomaterials for chemical and biological sensors (Zhu)
  • Electrospun polymer, ceramic, metallic, carbon/graphite nanofibers and their applications (Fong)

Applied Biological Sciences | More Information

  • Environmental planning and management (Dahl)
  • Direct and indirect effects of radiation on cellular responses (DeVeaux)
  • Biosealants biologically-inspired nanomaterials (Bang)
  • Geomicrobiology at Homestake DUSEL (Bang)
  • Development of efficient biocatalysts in bioenergy production (Bang)
  • Extremophilic bioprocessing (Sani)
  • Uranium biotransformation (Sani)
  • DNA Structure and Function (Sinden)