Fall 2014 Seminars and Thesis Presentations

The CENE graduate student seminar series is usually held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month from 4:00-4:50 pm in CB204W. The SDSM&T and engineering community are welcome to attend. Professional development hour (PDH) certificates can be mailed to attendees upon request for the seminars noted below. For more information, contact Dr. Soonkie Nam (Soonkie.Nam@sdsmt.edu).

Fall 2014 Schedule 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Offshore Met-mast HeMOSU-2 with Suction Bucket Foundation 
Moosung Ryu, Senior Researcher, Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute (KEPRI)
ABSTRACT: This talk will address the design and installation of a meteorological tower, HeMOSU-2, in Korea. HeMOSU-2 is planned for installation in the area of future offshore wind farms in order to get requisite data for offshore wind farm design such as wind profile, wave strength and frequency, current, temperature, atmospheric pressure, marine growth, etc. HeMOSU-2 adopted a suction bucket foundation which uses the differential water pressure between the inside and outside of a caisson as the driving force. Consequently, there is no noise, vibration, or floating particles induced by hammering during the installation. Through this project, KEPRI (Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute) has had good achievements in cost savings equivalent to 1 million US dollars and a tremendous reduction on installation time. On the basis of this experience, KEPRI is planning to apply the suction bucket to offshore wind turbine (3MW) foundations. This 20-million dollar project is now at the final approval stage and will begin next year. We hope that this project contributes to the improvement of economic efficiency of offshore wind power in Korea. KEPRI deeply appreciates the technical advice from Dr. Bang for the HeMOSU-2 project and also thanks the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at SDSM&T for all their support.
**PDH Credit Available

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 **CM 310 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Environmental Forensics
Larry Schmaltz, PE (CE '79), Florida Operations Manager & National Program Manager at Apex Companies, LLC
BIO:  Larry Schmaltz has over thirty years’ experience in engineering and construction management with the past twenty-four years devoted to the hazardous materials industry. During his career he has been responsible for well over $100 million of assessment and remediation projects for commercial, industrial and governmental clients. In addition to general management duties, he is also responsible for overseeing all technical and project management aspects of projects including Phase I & II Assessments, Contamination Assessments, Remedial Action Plan development and implementation, Underground Tank Removals and Remediation, Closure Assessments, Asbestos Consulting and Abatement, General Environmental and Civil Engineering, Property Physical Condition Assessments, Site Development Permitting, Forensic Studies, and Water Resources Engineering.
ABSTRACT:  Forensics is the use and interpretation of scientific data to determine the cause or source of an outcome. Just as the crime scene investigators use forensics to determine who committed a crime, environmental engineers can likewise use forensics to determine the source of contamination. From the most basic analytical methods to complex chemistry, environmental forensics can be used to find the responsible party for a contaminated site, or to apportion a mixed contaminant plume. This lecture will review some of the more common methods of environmental forensic science and show case studies where forensics have been used to determine a contaminant source.
**PDH Credit Available

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

No Seminar
In lieu of a seminar on Oct. 8th, you are encouraged to register and attend the South Dakota Engineering Society Annual PDH Meeting to be held on October 9th on the SD Mines campus. For more information, contact Gail Boddicker (gail.boddicker@sdsmt.edu) or visit http://www.sdes.org/event-1732144. Students may register for free. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Geotechnical Investigation of the Silver Street interchange in Rapid City, SD including I-190, Silver Street, West Boulevard and multiple on and off ramps.
Christopher W. Leibrock, PE (BSCE‘09, MSCE‘10), South Dakota Department of Transportation Foundation Group
ABSTRACT: This project is currently in the design phase and has not been let. This project includes grading, PCC surfacing, bridge structures, multiple retaining walls, slope stability, soil nail walls, curb & gutter, box culvert, storm sewer, signals, lighting, pavement marking and right of way. A significant undertaking is currently on-going throughout many divisions of the SDDOT to complete work for the Silver Street interchange. HDR Inc. is also under contract to complete many additional portions of the project.

Within the Geotechnical Activity a large number of tasks are currently being undertaken. The majority of work for the geotechnical investigation is being completed by the SDDOT. The scope of work requires investigations of piling depth for the bridge structure, settlement and footings for the retaining walls, subsurface soils for the pavements, lateral bearing for signals and lighting, rebound at excavations for the box culvert and new roadway due to highly expansive shale’s and corrosion investigations for all bare steel placed underground. This project combines many different aspects of Geotechnical investigation, analysis and design and has provided a challenge for the Geotechnical Activity to complete within a short time frame and limited resources.
**PDH Credit Available

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The SDSMT Student Wellness and Recreation Center – A Student led Project
Robert Morcom
, PE, TSP and Chris Heiser, PE, TSP
BIO: Robert Morcom, P.E. – Managing Principal with TSP, Inc. and Principal in Charge of the SDSMT Wellness and Recreation Center Project.  Bob graduated from SDSMT in 1974 with a BS in Civil Engineering and from the University of Wyoming in 1976 with a BS in Industrial Management.  He has over 38 years of experience in the consulting and construction industry and has been with TSP for 26 years of which he serves as on the Board of Directors and as Head of the Civil Engineering Department.  He is a registered professional engineer in 9 states.

BIO: Chris Heiser, P. E. – Chris is the Project Manager for the SDSMT Wellness and Recreation Center Project. Chris graduated from SDSU in 1996 with a BS in Civil Engineering with and emphasis in Structural Engineering. He graduated from SDSMT in 2006 with an MS in Structural Engineering, is the Structural Engineering Department Head, and an Associate Principal with TSP.  Chris started his engineer career in 1996 in Rapid City and  has been with TSP for 18 years. He is a registered profession engineer in 9 states.

ABSTRACT: The program will highlight the overall history of developing the Student Wellness and Recreation Center at SDSMT and how the students were the leaders in making this a possibility to be programed through SDSMT and  Office of the State Engineer.  The program will be broken into two areas. The first area will highlight the overall development of the design program that was developed through a collaborative effort with SDSMT, the OSE, the Student Association and various representatives, various focus groups including the Student, Foundation, Student Affairs, Athletics, Facility, City, and the Architect/Engineering Team of TSP, Inc. and RGD.   It will summarize the initial Facility Statement and review the process that went into developing the final contract documents that were bid and are currently under construction.  The second area will discuss the progress of the project currently under  construction and highlight the design and construction challenges and solutions. 
**PDH Credit Available 

Thursday, November 13, 2014 **CM 310 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

MS CENE Thesis Defense: The Impact of Biodegradable Fibers as Reinforcement in Sand Subject to Biocalcification to Reduce Wind Erosion Potential
Emily Martinez (EnvE’13), Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant at SDSM&T

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MS CENE Thesis Defense: Effects of Adding Agricultural By-products on the Shear Strength of Sand and Substandard Soils
Karen Schaefers
, EIT (CE '11), Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant at SD Mines

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

To Be Announced