Global Engineering Certificate available in 2013-14

Many engineers encounter projects in unfamiliar cultures and work on multinational teams.  The Certificate in Global Engineering provides cross cultural insight and experience that will increase the ability of engineers to work on projects and teams in other countries and cultures.  Students study advanced intercultural communication and teaming skills in the classroom.  These skills are then applied while working on design projects in a distinctly different culture such as a developing country, a Native American community, or on a multinational design team.  Students from any engineering discipline at the School of Mines may pursue the Certificate in Global Engineering by completing 9 credit hours of coursework as described below.

  • Global Engineering CertificateCompletion of an engineering design project in another country or culture:  3 credits of capstone design (464-465) or senior project (498); co-op (397); or study abroad (EXCH or EXPL).

  • Understanding of human nature and social systems in a global context:  3 credits of SOC 100, ANTH 210, GEOG 400, POLS 250, or POLS 350.

  • Improving teaming or project management skills:  3 credits of CEE 474,  MSL 201, IENG 352, IENG 366, PSYC 319, or PSYC 331. Note: Some of these are 1 credit courses.