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9th Annual New Horizons in Oil & Gas Conference - April 23-26, 2014

The 9th Annual New Horizons in Oil & Gas Conference takes place this fall in Rapid City on the SDSM&T campus.  The conference focuses on oil and gas activities in the northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains regions and provides a great learning experience and networking opportunity.  Find out more.

2014 Conference on Fossil Resources - May 13-15, 2014

The Conference on Fossil Resources is a three day education event planned to convene in Rapid City, South Dakota, May 13–15, 2014. The Conference on Fossil Resources highlights scientific research, resource management, resource stewardship and protection, public education / interpretation, and other activities associated with fossils from public lands.  Find out more.

Departmental Seminars - Fall, 2013

Date: Speaker Organization Topic
Aug. 30
No Speaker
N/A (Labor Day Weekend)
Sept. 6
Welcome Party PRL  
Sept. 13 Darrin Pagnac SDSM&T Stable carbon isotope evidence for the abundance of C 4 plants in the middle Miocene of southern California
Sept. 20
No Speaker
N/A  M-Day
Sept. 27
Mark Sweeney USD Loess as a sink and source of dust
Oct. 4 Program Cancelled  
Oct. 11 Program Cancelled    
Oct. 18
Ted Donovan

SDSMT Grad Student Geodynamics and modeling
Oct. 25
Sangchul Bang SDSMT CCE Geotech, dust remediation with microbial cements?
Nov. 1 Jen Bednar SDSM&T Overview of the South Dakota Water Science Center (USGS)

Nov. 8

Maribeth Price SDSMT Collect field data on your smartphone or tablet? Easier than you think!
Nov. 15 Abigail Domagall BHSU If a volcano erupts on an island and no-one sees it...How does it erupt?
Nov. 22 John Stamm USGS Climate and streamflow trends and projections for upper Missouri River watersheds
Nov. 29 No Speaker N/A Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 6 Senior Research Talks  
Jan. 17      
Jan. 24 Foster Sawyer SDSMT Septic Systems and Groundwater Quality in a Vulnerable Mountainous Terrain: Water Stewardship and Public Policy
Jan. 31 Lance Roberts RESPEC, Inc. Geomechanical Evaluation of a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Cavern in Salt
Feb. 7 Andy Long USGS Time-series modeling of groundwater and surface-water flow and transport: an underused toolset
Feb. 14 No Seminar   Friday before 3-day weekend
Feb. 18 Ronni Grapenthin UC Berkeley Plumbing, Plumes, and Early Warning: GPS near Volcanoes and Fault Zones
Feb. 21       
Feb. 25 William Barnhart USGS Phantom Earthquakes and the Punctuated Growth of Mountain Belts
Feb. 27      
Feb. 28      
Mar. 4 Loyc Vanderkluysen ASU It's a Trap! Origin, emplacement and impact of the Deccan large igneous province
Mar. 5 Nicole Lautze U HI Insights into changing eruption dynamics at Stromboli Volcano (Italy) through analysis of lapilli and ash samples collected in real-time
Mar. 7 Benjamin Edwards Dickinson College Glaciovolcanism: a primer
Mar. 14 Spring Break    
Mar. 21 Dena Smith   Eocene Ecology: Insects, Plants and Climate Change
Mar. 28      
Apr. 4 Darrin Pagnac SDSMT  FEATHERED SERPENTS, SAND DEMONS, & LITTLE CAT-MEN: The Use of Native American Language in Paleontology Nomenclature
Apr. 11 Jamie Brezina SDSMT MinE student Sedimentary Agates of the United States
Apr. 18 Easter Break    
Apr. 22 Joseph Hartman Univ. of North Dakota Mining coal, fossils, and data to decipher the record of Late Cretaceous continental mollusks of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico - Colorado
May 2 Senior Research Presentations    

Seminar Coordinators: Chistina Belanger (Christina.Belanger@sdsmt.edu)  and Larry Stetler (Larry.Stetler@sdsmt.edu)

Thank you to the SDSM&T Chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists (http://seg.sdsmt.edu/Default.htm) for sponsoring refreshments for the Department Seminar Series.


ARCGIS Workshops
Workshops are typically offered in December/January and June/July. Check back soon for the next scheduled workshop.
Contact: Maribeth Price (Maribeth.Price@sdsmt.edu)

Workshop website and registration  

GEOE/GEOL/PALE Advisory Board Meetings

Next meeting:  Sunday, April 27, 2014, 9 am to 4 pm in Mineral Industries Room 330
Contact: Laurie Anderson (Laurie.Anderson@sdsmt.edu)