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Seminars 2014-2015

Date Location Speaker Organization Title  Host
August Chem 2228        
29   None. Welcome Party.      
05 Chem 2228        
12 Chem 2228 Patrick Fulton UCSC, IODP Distinguished Speaker  Twenty-Five Thousand Feet Under the Sea: Taking the Temperature of the 2011 Mw9.0 Tohoku-oki Earthquake Fault  
19   None. M-Day.      
26 Chem 2228 Mike Mueller MicroSeismic, VP for Technology Development  Microseismic state of play and challenges Masterlark
3 Chem 2228        
10 Chem 2228 Andrew Armstrong Marigold Mining  Geology and the Mining Process at Marigold Mine, Nevada, a Carlin style deposit Paterson
17 Chem 2228 Barb Beasely USFS  USFS Paleontology Program Shelton
24 Chem 2228 Jay Nopola RESPEC, SDSMT Shale Research Initiative  
31 Chem 2228 Halloween. Unscheduled?      
7 Chem 2228   Sydney Boos SDSMT Population Dynamics of Moropus elatus from Agate Springs Quarry, Arikareean Northwestern Nebraska  
14  Chem 2228 Mike Headley Sanford Lab Sanford Underground Research Facility update  
21 Chem 2228 Joanne Noyes SD DENR Working as a Hydrologist for the South Dakota Geological Survey  
28   Thanksgiving Holiday.      
5 CB 204W Senior research proposals.      
16 CB 204W        
23 CB 204W        
30 CBEC 2228        
6 CB 204W John Kruger Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Career opportunities for geoscientists and engineers at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, U.S. Dept. of Interior Anderson
13 CB 204W        
20 CBEC 2228        
27 CB 204W        
6 CBEC 2228        
13   None. Spring Vacation      
16 (Monday) CB 204W Dr. Pamela Burnley UNLV The Inner Life of a Deforming Rock, How grain-scale processes govern aggregate behavior Stetler
20 CB 204W Dr. Herb Wang University of Wisconsin Fiber-Optic Sensors in Geomechanics and Geophysics Masterlark
23 (Monday) CB 204W   Dr. Ayman Alzraiee CSU Using Data Assimilation and Data Fusion in Parameters Estimation of Subsurface Hydrogeological Systems Sawyer
27 CB 204W Dr. Roohollah Askari University of Calgary Geophysical and petrophysical studies of subsurface: (i) S-wave static corrections using surface wave analysis, and (ii) Heat conduction characterization in porous media Stetler
30 (Monday) CB 204W   Dr. Cemal Biryol UNC Chapel Hill Foundering Lithosphere Beneath Southeastern US: New Results From Seismic Tomography Stetler
3   None. Easter Holiday      
7 (Tuesday) CBEC 2228 Dr. Liangping Li UTEP Upscaling and Inverse Modeling in Stochastic Hydrogeology Sawyer
9 (Thursday) CBEC 2228 Bob Stewart ExxonMobil Recruitment services at ExxonMobil Baran
10 CB 204W Ellen Currano U WY Ancient bug bites on ancient plants record forest ecosystem response to environmental perturbations Belanger
17 CB 204W John Ray Rare Element Resources Exploration for REE and Gold in the Bear Lodge Tertiary Alkaline Complex, Crook County, Wyoming McCormick
24 CB 204W
1 (3-5PM)  MI 222 Senior Research Presentations     Anderson



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