Petrology and Mineral Resources

  • Metamorphic processes and fluids in Earth’s crust
    -- Geological and geochemical record of fluid production and migration in Earth’s crust; formation of ore deposits
  • Crustal deformation in compressional and extensional regimes
    -- Evolution of basins and uplifts; formation, uplift and exhumation of metamorphic core complexes
  •  Controls on giant iron-formation-hosted gold deposits
    -- Geochemical and structural causes of gold deposition; sources of ore components using the SURF drill core archive
  • Origin of resources (REE, Au, Ag)
    -- Alkalic igneous provinces and carbonatites
  • Potential for PGE-Cu-Ni mineralization
    -- Southern margin zone of the Superior Craton, eastern South Dakota basement rocks
  • Reflectance spectroscopy, Remote sensing, and Metamorphic processes
  • Experimental petrology
    -- Experimental igneous and planetary petrology (Moon, Mars, chondrules, and CAIs) / High P-T geochemistry
    -- Role of volatiles (Cl, F, S, H2O) in silicate melts during crustal formation and differentiation (fractionation, degassing, high-T metamorphism, and fluid/rock interaction)
    -- Apatite synthesis, crystal chemistry, and stability


Zeynep Baran: Basin analysis, Structural geology and tectonics, Extensional deformation

Edward Duke: Petrology, Infrared spectroscopy, Remote sensing
Gokce Ustunisik:  Igneous Petrology,  Experimental Petrology, Planetary Petrology, High Pressure/Temperature Geo-Chemistry, Chemical Volcanology
Nuri Uzunlar: Field geology, Energy resources (petroleum and geothermal), Economic geology

Alvis Lisenbee: Structural geology, Tectonics, Geologic mapping
Colin Paterson: Economic geology, Mineral resources, Petrology