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Undergraduate Education

The Department of Geology (GEOL) and Geological Engineering (GEOE) is a vibrant community of faculty, staff and students.  At the South Dakota School of Mines, our undergraduate students have many opportunities for local to international field trips, research and design experiences, and internships or co-ops. We also have a several active student organizations that offer field trips and other educational, service and social events. Scholarship support is available and selection criteria include academic performance and/or financial need.

Undergraduate degrees include two BS (bachelor of science) degrees:

  • Geology BS
    In the geology BS students may choose electives from among four focus areas: paleontology, environmental geology, resource geology, and geospatial technology.
  • Geological Engineering BS
    The ABET-accredited BS in geological engineering  includes training and practice in the areas of ground water, environmental site planning and natural hazards, geomechanic and geotechnics, and mineral and petroleum resources.

An education in geology or geological engineering leads to a wide variety of career options. Find out more about potential careers.


Minor in geology:  Majors from other science and engineering disciplines may pursue a minor in geology by completing eighteen (18) credit hours of geology courses and electives.

Minor in geospatial technology:  Geospatial technology is a rapidly expanding field that covers the management and analysis of spatial data from many sources, such as satellites, airborne remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), surveying, and more. This field has many applications in the sciences, engineering, business, planning, and transportation. A minor in geospatial technology requires completion of eighteen (18) credit hours of selected courses in geology, geological engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering, mathematics, and programing.

Undergraduate major and minor course requirements

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