General IS Requirements and Forms

All bachelor of science in Interdisciplinary Sciences (BSIS) majors meet a set of general requirements for graduation, including a sequence of four core courses that lead to a capstone project completed during the senior year.  The broad base of multidisciplinary knowledge and the analytical and communication skills you’ll acquire at SDSM&T through the IS degree program will serve you well as a professional in your chosen career field.  Additional information on BSIS requirements is provided in the links below:

Graduation Requirements
IS Course Cores
Letter of Intent
Letter of Intent form (.doc)
Capstone Project IS 498
IS 498 contract (.doc)
Permission of Instructor form
IS 498 expectations (.doc)

 Admissions Tests for Pre-Professional Students

Independent Study Forms
ARTH 491
ENGL 391
HUM 291
HUM 491
IS 191
IS 291
IS 380
IS 391
IS 396
IS 491
IS 691
PSYC 391
SOC 391