Career Overview


Underpinning all other aspects of science and engineering, the applied and computational mathematics program provides knowledge in high-demand by employers who require skilled workers able to analyze complex data and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems.

Graduates find challenging and rewarding careers in government, telecommunications, financial management, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, the entertainment industry, medicine and more. Alumni work at the US Department of Agriculture analyzing crop reports, at the Mayo clinic helping with drug trials, and at Docu Tap developing and supporting the wireless delivery of medical records to doctors and nurses.

Companies hiring recent graduates include: John Deere, L-3 Communications, Whitehat Security, Assurant, Computers Unlimited, First Financial, FAST Enterprises

Average salary:  **Pursuing graduate degrees or no salary offers reported. (2012-13)  

The latest national average salary for math was $50,400 (SDSM&T math graduates consistently average above the national average)

Placement rate: 98% of 2012-13 SDSMT graduates are working in their career field or pursuing advanced degrees. 

Computer Science

A computer science degree will prepare you for the most advanced jobs in one of the fastest-growing industries today. Undergraduate research opportunities mean you'll stand at the forefront of scientific evolution and advancement. Our project-driven curriculum allows a wide selection of advance courses in computation: Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Parallel Programming, Image Processing and Theory of Computation.  

Graduates employ their skills in a variety of of industries locally, globally, or entrepreneurially including health sciences, commerce, manufacturing, finance, education, entertainment . . . virtually any sector of the economy. 

Companies hiring recent graduates include: Microsoft, Innovative Systems, Intel, Amazon, L-3 Communications, CHR Solutions, IMVU, Rockwell Collins, EchoStar, Black Hills Corporation, Accenture, DocuTap, Sencore, Eagle Creek Software Services, NISC

Average salary:  $68,646 (2011-12) 

Placement rate: 98% of 2013-14 SDSM&T graduates are working in their career field or pursuing advanced degrees.

Oystein Bedin

"To create truly exceptional commercial products for real time communication, a software engineer has to understand how all the components - from hardware to operating system to software work together. The computer science program at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is unique in that it offers courses that provide this broad base of knowledge. My degree has helped me be successful in my career, and now I'm returning to SDSM&T to recruit students on behalf of my company because I know they are getting the same comprehensive education that I did."

Oystein Bedin (pictured right)
Senior Software Engineer for Avaya, Inc.
MS, computer science from SDSM&T in 2004