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Fall 2015 Design for Manufacturing Fair Highlights

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Mr. Larry Pearson, an ME alumnus, has generously provided funds for scholarships for our students who enroll in the Petroleum minor offered by the Geology/Geological engineering department. More information about the minor can be found here.

Students enrolled in the minor for at least one semester are eligible for this scholarship. If interested and eligible, please obtain and fill out a scholarship application from Ms. Moore, the ME senior secretary.

Here are some great student projects from Dr. Umesh Korde's Fall 2014 ME 269L Energy Systems Product Development/Design Lab.

Group 4 took an existing RC car and mounted a series of solar panels on top with an AM'ed part. The wires were soldered into the existing wiring of the car. The average run time decreased due to weight, but it no longer relied on fossil fuels.
ME 269 Group 4 (Dec 2015) ME 269 Group 4 (Dec 2015) 2

Group 6 focused on rain gutter energy. Over 60 million gallons of water can run off of one residential house roof each year. The water turbine this group worked on is designed to fit on the bottom of a rain gutter downspout and convert that falling water into usable energy.

ME 269 Group 6 (Dec 2015)   ME 269 Group 6 (Dec 2015) 2   ME 269 Group 6 (Dec 2015) 3   ME 269 Group 6 (Dec 2015) 4

Group 7 worked on a water tank conditioner. The water circulation system is designed to be placed in livestock tanks. The system converts wind energy to electricity that is used to power the conditioner. The conditioner can help maintain the water temperature and prevent ice build up in cold weather.

ME 269 Group 7 (Dec 2015)