Graduate Education

The Mining Engineering graduate program at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology supports the growing need for mining engineers by offering a master's degree in Mining Engineering and Management. Alternative delivery methods (see our SD Mines Online program) make the curriculum readily available to mining engineering professionals beyond South Dakota's borders.

Mining Engineering and Management MS

Attuned to the needs of major industries, the SD Mines Mining Engineering MS program is known and respected around the world.

Program Objectives

Students completing the MS degree in Mining Engineering and Management will acquire:

  • Advanced knowledge of rock mechanics and ground control;
  • Advanced knowledge of engineering economics and finance as it relates to mine projects;
  • Advanced knowledge of concepts, techniques, laws and methodologies related to explosives engineering;
  • Expanded knowledge of the mining laws of South Dakota, surrounding states and the United States;
  • Further knowledge of mine management, project management, and/or executive skills
  • Advanced knowledge of mining methods and related topics.