Curriculum/ Materials

                 SD State Grant MSHA Training Subjects (for 2012)




Ground Control
1. Highwall Safety, part 1: Rock slope stability   X
2. Highwall Safety, part 2: Rotational failure   X
3. Highwall Safety #3: Rockfall at Coal Mine   X
4. Highwall Safety #4: Grasberg Mine fatalities   X
5. Trenching #1   X
6. Safety Around Water X  
7. Various short YouTube videos X  
1. Blasting Safety, general   X
2 Basics of Terrorism   X
3. Safe Explosives Act   X
4. Blasting Regulations   X
5. Final Overview of Proposed Explosives Legislation   X
6. Various short Youtube and/or private videos X  
1. Lockout/Tagout   X
2. Lock-out/Tag-out X  
3. High Impact Lockout/Tagout X  
1. HazCom for Supervisors   X
2. Hazard Communication, Part 47   X
3. The ANSI Material Safety Data Sheet X  
4. Hazard Communications X  
5. Chemical Hazard Information X  
Surge Piles
1. Surge Pile Safety   X
2. Hazards and Safety Practices on Surge Piles X  
Personal Protective Equipment
1. Personal Protective Equipment X X
2. Fall Protection X  
3. Fall Protection   X
4. Respiratory Protection and Safety X  
5. 30 CFR Part 56-Personal Protective Equipment   X
6 Seat Belts   X
1. Intro to Mine Health and Safety   X
2. Metal and Nonmetal Fatal Accident Review, 2001 - 2010   X
3. Miner's Rights   X
4. MSHA Part 100-Penalties   X
Hearing Conservation
1. Noise Hazards   X
2. Noise and Hearing Conservation   X
3. 30 CFR Part 62: MSHA Standards for Occupational Noise Exposure   X
4. Hearing Conservation and Safety X  
5. MSHA Hearing Conservation Employee Training X  
6. Sound Level Meter & Spectrum Analyzer


Mine Air/Atmosphere
1. Sago Mine Explosion   X
2. Air/Atmosphere   X
3. Quecreek Mine Rescue   X
4. Sunshine Mine Disaster   X
Accident Prevention/Investigation
1. Prevention of Accidents   X
2. Incident Investigation   X
3. Near Misses   X
4. Accident Investigation X  
5. Task Training   X
1. Machine Guarding   X
2. Hazard Recognition   X
3. Equipment Guarding X  
4. SLAM Risk Assessment X  
5. Mobile Equipment Hazards   X
Dust Control
1. Dust Control in Hardrock Mines   X
2. Respirators and Dust Hazards   X
3. Respiratory Protection X X
Transportation/Traffic Control/Road Safety
1. Transportation Control and Communication Systems   X
2. Guidelines for Traffic Control at Surface Mines   X
3. Road Rage/Aggressive Driving   X
4. The Roads Less Traveled (Road Hazards)   X
First Aid/Safety
1. Adult CPR review   X
2. Heimlich review   X
3. AED review


4. Handgunning 101-Handgun safety   X
5. Penetrating Trauma   X
6. Ten Rules of Firearms Safety   X
7. Spiders and Snakes   X
8. Substance Abuse   X
9. Understanding Stroke   X
10. Hypothermia   X
Electrical Hazards
1. High Voltage Shock (electrocution of a thief)   X
2. Basic Electrical Safety X  
1. Competent Person, Part 46   X
2. Silicosis Prevention   X
3. Good Housekeeping   X
4. Supervisory Responsibility Under the 1977 Act   X
5. Cranes and/or Forklifts   X
6. Electrical Safety---Construction   X
7. 29 CFR 1910.146, Confined Space   X
8. Various "Ice Breaker" PowerPoints   X
9. Various "Ice Breaker" Videos X  
10. Workplace Examinations   X
11. MNM-2001-2010 Fatal Review Summary   X
12. Fires   X
13. Fires and Explosions   X
14. Stuck Excavator   X
15. How NOT to Unload a Cat Dozer   X
16. Crash Diverts I-70 Traffic at Hays, KS   X
17. Backhoe/Bridge   X
Slips, Trips, Falls & Back Safety
1. Back Safety X X
2. Slips, Trips, Falls X X