Undergraduate Education 

The Mining Engineering bachelor of science (BS) degree combines the traditional engineering concepts and modern management topics such as finance, legal, project management, labor relations and international business. This unique combination better prepares our graduates to move into management sooner and more effectively.

In addition to an experienced and well qualified teaching faculty, the program also offers state-of-the-art laboratory & research facilities. Key facilities include:  rock mechanics laboratory, computer-aided mine design lab, mine ventilation lab, and mine health and safety.


Mining Engineering BS

The SD Mines Mining Engineering BS curriculum is tailored to the needs of the mining industry preparing our graduates for successful careers and rapid advancement.

The undergraduate curriculum has been very thoughtfully and thoroughly designed with significant input from the industry as well as peer groups throughout the mineral industry and academia. A process of obtaining regular feedback and making necessary corrections and changes from time to time is in place and thus this program is constantly evolving to better serve the needs of the graduates and the industries that hire them.

The mining engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of
ABET, Inc.
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