Most SDSM&T music course numbers and titles are part of the common course format used by all institutions of the South Dakota state system. Even so, some courses are unique to SDSM&T.

For more information, and course descriptions, please visit the SDSM&T Course Catalog.

Courses-Jazz Band

MUAP courses are private or group music study. The courses listed are not the only private lessons available, but those that are taught most regularly.
MUAP120/121 Applied Music Woodwinds
MUAP130/131 Applied Music Brass
MUAP200/201 Applied Music Voice
     SDSM&T is also fortunate to have several local music instructors who provide applied music instruction in piano and strings both on and off campus. Contact a music faculty member for more information

MUEN courses allow students to receive various kinds of credit for singing or playing in a music ensemble. Non-credit options allow students to enroll at no cost.
MUEN100 Concert Choir
MUEN101 University Choir
MUEN122 Symphonic Band
MUEN260 Non-Credit Music Ensemble – all music ensembles are available for non-credit

MUS courses include traditional lecture courses as well as MUS117 and 317 hybrid courses unique to SDSM&T that combine performance and research.
MUS100 Music Appreciation
MUS110 Basic Music Theory I
MUS117 Music in Performance I
MUS317 Music in Performance II