59th Annual High Plains Regional Science and Engineering Fair Results

2014 was a record year for the HPRSEF on campus. More than 500 students registered with nearly 390 total projects! We want to thank everyone who was involved; from students and teachers to SDSMT personnel and community volunteers! Without you and your support this event could not happen with such success.

Congratulations to this year's winner, Jackson Peterson of Sturgis Brown High School! Jackson won the overall place with his senior biological sciences project "Microevolution of Bacillus subtilis in response to isopropanol stress." Click here to read Jackson's abstract and get a small glimpse of the project that will be representing the HPRSEG at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) fair on May 11-16 in Los Angeles, CA. The 2014 runner up, Toni Mayer from Timber Lake High School, along with her senior biological sciences project "How Does Rotating Antibacterial agents affect Bacterial Resistance in E.Coli?" were also selected as the alternate for ISEF.

Jackson, along with one adult, has the opportunity to travel to ISEF to compete with high school students from across the globe. The South Dakota EPSCoR organization is sponsoring Jackson's trip along with a selected student observer, Sierra Smith from Dupree High School.  Her project titled "Brain Stress: How Does Gender Affect Directed Attention Fatigue?" won third place in the Senior Social Sciences category. 

 Below is the complete listing of this year's category winners. Thanks again to all of our participants. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Category Winners

Junior Division – Middle School

Biological Sciences
8th Grade
   1. Lauren Hight and Grace Cihak, Spearfish Middle School | To Bean or Not to Bean
   2. Dylan Burns, Belle Fourche Middle School | Does Mold Effect the Chromosomes Left in a Fruit?
   3. Ben Titus, West Middle School | Milking Plants
   4. Brooklyn Menzel, Black Hills Christian Academy | Game vs. Pain
   5. Tommy Owen, Spearfhish Middle School | Fast Relief

7th Grade
   1. Sierra Hauff, Spearfish Classical Christian School | Fishy Fungi
   2. Rigel Roberdeau, Spearfish Middle School | O2 Demand
   3. Kenna Comer, Spearfish Middle School | The Big Thaw
   4. Tee Mcamis, Belle Fourche Middle School | Does Salt and Mineral Affect an Ovines Rate of Gain?
   5. Molly Larson and Ella Trithart, Southwest Middle School | Aqua Mures

6th Grade
   1. Autumn Beliveau, Spearfish Classical Christian School | Playing with my Best Friend’s Drool
   2. Ashtyn Reiners, Spearfish Middle School | The Nose Knows
   3. Sami Smith and Lexy Kaufman, East Middle School | What Makes The Best Cat Toy?
   4. Kaylyn Asbjeld, North Middle School | How do I clear skin?

8th Grade
   1. Madison Murphey and Madilynn Quinn, West Middle School | RO-Bug
   2. Jack Riker, West Middle School | Erosion Control
   3. Katie Stobart and Cassie Boggs, West Middle School | Wound Sterilization with UZ Light
   4. Kenny Brown, West Middle School | Green Energy
   5. Trevor Johnson, West Middle School | Electromagnetic Projectile Accelerator

7th Grade
   1. Madiera Lister, Spearfish Middle School | When H2O Drops It Sparks
   2. Sam Tiffany, Spearfish Middle School | Can Helium Filled Helmet Padding Reduce Concussions in Football?
   3. Brian Ballard, Hill City Middle School | How do different amounts of weight affect a rocket’s height in flight?
   4. Evan Kiollar, Spearfish Middle School | Speed it’s All in the Wheels
   5. Taygen Johns, West Middle School | Railgun Power

6th Grade
   1. Emma Saucerman, North Middle School | Time Goes By
   2. Shyanne Marshall, North Middle School | Electric Water Wheel
   3. Bowe Jiron, North Middle School | How to make a solar oven
   4. Summer Erhart, North Middle School | Emergency Radio

Physical Sciences
8th Grade
   1. Sarahjane Luu and Madison Ervin, West Middle School | Periodic Table Resistor
   2. Parker Useura and Martin Christofferson, West Middle School | Sugar Content of Liquids
   3. Hannah Juelfs, Belle Fourche Middle School | Do Your Arms Help You Jump Higher?
   4. Reagan Larson, West Middle School | Washing Bacteria Away
   5. Marina Mikkelsen, West Middle School | You Expect Me to Live in That? – Ocean Acidification

7th Grade
   1. Tim Doerges, Spearfish Middle School | A River Runs Through It
   2. Jonathan Sayler, Spearfish Middle School | Seeing the Unseen: Measuring Particulate Air Pollution in Spearfish, S.D.
   3. Isaiah Morin-Baxter and Logen Fisher, Southwest Middle School | How do different levels of ethanol in an ethanol-gasoline mixture fuel effect energy produced as measured by caloimetry
   4. Nick Degen and Drew Messer, Southwest Middle School | How Does The Length Of A Trebuchet Arm Effect The Distance It Can Throw A Projectile?
   5. Abbiemarie Woodard, Spearfish Middle School | Cosmic Snowballs

6th Grade
   1. Katie O’Shea, Spearfish Classical Christian | Journey to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy
   2. Channing Gondzar, Black Hills Christian Academy | Does Time of Day Effect Flight
   3. Barak Minor, Spearfish Classical Christian School | Power of the Punt
   4. Ricky Jackson, North Middle School | Tattoo removal through chemical bonding and magnetic force
   5. Sarah Anglin, Spearfish Middle School | Electrifying Science

Social Sciences
8th Grade
   1. Taylor Middleton, West Middle School | Tune Into You – A study of mind styles and musical preference
   2. Evelyn Huntington, West Middle School  | Power Pose
   3. Sarah Graves, Belle Fourche Middle School | Is smiling contagious?
   4. Anna Pochop, Spearfish Middle School | Big Boys Do Cry!
   5. Jensen Markley and Alexsis Kemp,  Spearfish Middle School  | Reaction Distraction

7th Grade
   1. Gabrielle Smith,  Southwest Middle School  | A Survey on Childhood Obesity: Knowledge, Opinions, and Health Behaviors of Seventh Grade Students
   2. Alan Zhu, South west Middle School | What is the average note that 7th graders talk at?
   3. Carmen Richardson, Southwest Middle School | How Do Our Personalities Affect The Way We See Things!
   4. Lily Dennison, Spearfish Middle School | Do you have a sleepy memory?
   5. Rachel Jensen, Spearfish Middle School | How Fast Are You?

6th Grade
   1. Aparna Ayyangar, Southwest Middle School | Can having a pet boost your health?
   2. Payton Dymcicki, West Middle School | Can You Self-Control It?

Senior Division - High School

      1. Jackson Peterson, Sturgis Brown High School | Microevolution of Bacillus subtilis in response to isopropanol stress
      2. Toni Mayer, Timber Lake High School | How does rotating antibacterial agent affect bacterial resistance in E.coli?
      3. Carl Petersen, Cheyenne Eagle Butte School | Why snow can burn


   1. Jared Court, Newcastle High School | The Effect of Density on Structural Inegrity
   2. Clay Lindskov, Timber Lake High School | The Effects of Magnetism on Projectiles
   3. Dylan Thomas, Gage Skillingstad and Marshall Swanson, Hill City High School | Rear wheel dynometer for horse power testing

Physical Science

   1. Jaemarie Whitney, Newcastle High School | Color Even in the Darkest Matter: The Effect of Dark Matter on the Color Spetrum
   2. Alysha O’Connel, Dupree High School | The Synergistic Effects of Antacids
   3. Jett Peterson, Timber Lake High School | Shape affects acceleration

Social Sciences

   1. Kyra Holzer, Timber Lake High School | Is a Placement Test Necessary?
   2. Olivia Dosch, Dupree High School | More Behind the Style
   3. Sierra Smith, Dupree High School | Brain Stress: How Does Gender Affect Directed Attention Fatigue?