Gears and Gadgets 2™ (GG2)

Date: July 14-17, 2014
9:00 a.m. to Noon
Cost: $150

Join us in constructing fun new projects! Students will build projects of a slightly higher complexity than GG1 using gears and motors from our unique LEGO® kits.  A must for students who enjoyed Gears & Gadgets 1 (though GG1 is not required).

What makes Gears and Gadgets™ 2 great? 
This class is an outstanding class for youth who are interested in how things work and enjoy building exercises! If you attended the GG1 class and want more projects to conquer or if this is your first class GG2 is for everyone. Along with having a blast at this half-day session students will also explore concepts including:

  • Basic engineering principles
  • Design and redesign models
  • Gears and gear ratios
  • Simple and complex machines
  • Forces in motion
  • Integrated problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Gears and Gadgets 2™ challenges students to incorporate the traits of an Engineer in a classroom setting. They get the opportunity to work with design changes and challenges just like an Engineer!
NOTE: Students do not get to bring home any of the Lego projects they create.

New Discounts for 2014!

  •  Register before April 1 and get $5 off of tuition.
  • Register with a friend and you each get $10 off of tuition.

Only 16 spots available; Register today!*
Grades: 1-3
Registration Fee: $50 **

*Minimum enrollment or 12 students must be met.  
 **Register by April 1st to qualify for the early registration discount. 

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