Winter Series, 2014 - Grades 3-5

Youth Programs

Register for all 4 sessions - $40 


Register For Individual Sessions (below) - $10 each

All classes take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
in the Classroom building on Campus -
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Landslide Engineering  
Thursday, February 6
Watch out for the landslide! By creating your own small-scale model of a town, you will learn about landslides and the effect they have on different structures. You will then be an engineer and hero to discover how you can protect your town from a landslide!

Wild Waterways 
Thursday, February 13
In Wild Waterways you will get the chance to learn about water currents, and how they can take you for a crazy ride! You will also get a chance to learn about the difference between water in the ocean and fresh water throughout the planet through different engineering experiments.

Are you There, Air?   
Thursday, February 20
After performing several different experiments, you will get the chance to learn about the properties of air and see them first-hand! Air, are you really there?!

Scorching Space: Spacecraft Design  
Thursday, February 27
Be an engineer and create your own spacecraft that can beat the heat found on Mercury and Venus! Using a simulation, you will create your own spacecraft filled with valuable computer components. Make sure your spacecraft can survive the elements on planets such as Mercury and Venus, and keep the vital information safe!


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