Museum of Geology

The Museum of Geology consists of two distinct but interrelated components:

  • The Museum of Geology (public museum): housed on the third floor of O’Harra Hall (the main administrative building for the School of Mines campus), and
  • The James E. Martin Paleontology Research Lab (MPRL):  a newly-constructed facility that houses the research and collections component of the Museum of Geology.  See Campus Map
Public Museum  

Museum of Geology Exhibits & Programs

Exhibits, teacher resources, paleontology club, field clubs and other programs.
Paleontology Lab  

James E. Martin Paleontology Research Lab

33,000 sq. ft. laboratory research and collections facility.
Visit the Museum of Geology  

Visit the Museum

Hours of operation, directions, tour information, exhibits, family friendly events and gift shop. We invite you to visit if you are in the area.  Admission is free and donations gratefully accepted.

Many of the collections belonging to the museum are of significant interest to researchers and scholars.  The Museum is also a popular tourist stop and community resource, introducing kids and adults to a fascinating world of geology and paleontology.