Museum of Geology - Annual Events

Dinosaur Extravaganza

This event is held annually around Easter. There are many fun hands-on activities for the kids. Activities include learning about dinosaurs and their environment, learning how to dig for fossils, and even dinosaurs in Hollywood!

Dinosaur Extravaganza 1Dinosaur Extravaganza 2

Night at the Museum

This event is also annually around Halloween. Children can come trick or treat in a safe environment and learn about dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and rocks at the same time. The staff and volunteers dress up as well making this event fun for all ages!

Night at the Museum 1Night at the Museum 2

Visit the Museum of Geology

CTA banner Field Paleo

Be a Geologist!

If you're passionate about geology or just looking for a new kind of experience, the Museum of Geology offers opportunities for adults and kids to join Field Paleo excursions and help us with real-life research.  Trips for individuals and for families.