General Education Assessment


All SDBOR system schools use the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) exam in conjunction with incoming freshmen ACT scores to measure learning as a result of the General Education curriculum.  The CAAP is taken by all students at the beginning of the junior year, and all portions of the test (i.e., math, writing, reading, and science reasoning) must be passed for a student to continue in his or her academic career.  (See regental proficiency exam guidelines.)
In addition, a yearly CAAP “ Linkage Report” is created to chart the “gains” students make in reading, writing, math, and science reasoning between freshman and junior years.  Annual reports on CAAP results are published as SDBOR agenda items, and scores are reported in summary form in the yearly SDBOR Fact Book.

CAAP exam scores are tracked for all SD Mines students and analyzed by academic program.

Additionally, SD Mines student performance on the sub-sections of the CAAP (i.e., math, writing, reading, and science reasoning) is analyzed in depth via CAAP Content Analysis Reports.

Assessment of Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4

Four goals of the General Education curriculum focus on written and oral communication and learning in the humanities and Social Sciences.  Assessments are performed for each of these goals by goal-specific faculty committees within this department.  Yearly reports of the assessment measures and results are linked below.

2012:  Goal One, Three, and Four reports

2011: Goal One, Two, Three, and Four reports

2010: Goal One, Two, Three, and Four reports