College Credit Through CLEP

Earn College Credit Through Examination

CLEP: What is it?

CLEP is the College-Level Examination Program which offers you the opportunity to obtain a limited number of credits toward your college degree requirements.

CLEP Offers two types of tests: General Exams and Subject Exams. The Subject Exams measure achievement in specific college courses and are used to grant exemption from, and credit for, these courses. Each Subject Exam is a 90 minute multiple choice objective test.

SDSM&T accepts most, but not all, CLEP exams for credit. Detailed information is available on the CLEP Resources page.

Should you try it?

CLEP examinations are designed for those individuals who have already done extensive study in a particular area or excelled in honors courses in high school. Typically, the background of these individuals is such that they should move on to more advanced college level requirements than are offered during the freshman year.

Minimum scores are posted on the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR)  web site.

SDBOR Policies regarding applicability of credit are on the SDBOR web site, Policy 2:5, item 11.

What areas are offered?

Several freshman and sophomore-level courses may be challenged using the CLEP Subject Examinations. A student should consult with a department head regarding applicability of the credit toward a degree. A large majority of colleges accept CLEP credit, but required scores vary.

For specific information regarding how credit is awarded at SDSM&T, please visit the CLEP Resources page.

If interested, what do you do next?

Complete the registration process. Registration is available on the official CLEP web site (go to CLEP Resources). At SDSM&T, registration forms are required prior to setting the test date. You must pay the CLEP fee of $80 at the time of registration. You will be charged a $15 service charge per test at the time of testing.

CHOOSE THE PROPER EXAM. Some exams have similar names. If you are not sure which exam you should take, please contact our office or the university you plan to attend. 

Tests will be given on our campus throughout the year. If you have questions or need help regarding the CLEP Program, contact Cheryl or Suzi at:

Ivanhoe International Center
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
501 E Saint Joseph St

Rapid City, SD 57701-3995

CLEP exam dates are scheduled individually. Exams are not administered during the week prior to the start of the new semester or during the first week of the new semester.

See CLEP scores at the SD Board of Regents web site