Final Exams


Final exam schedules are set in advance, so that you can plan ahead by checking the final schedules for the courses you intend to take in the coming semesters.

Final Examination Policy

The faculty, recognizing that courses and programs of instruction differ substantially and that methodologies of instruction and evaluation remain the province of each instructor, does not seek to impose any mandatory final examination policy upon the constituent faculty of this institution. However, each faculty member is hereby encouraged to give the last examination (comprehensive or non-comprehensive) during the final examination week.

A 5-day final examination period shall be scheduled by the registration officer. No special individual or departmental requests will be honored in constructing the final examination schedule.

The instructor or instructors for each course shall indicate to their department chair whether or not they intend to give a final examination, the number of hours for the exam, and whether additional rooms are needed for alternate seating; requests for additional rooms can be honored only if rooms are available. No additions will be permitted once the schedule has been published. All final exam requests will be due from departments at the time course registry requests are due. The final version of the exam schedule will be published in the Course Listings bulletin.

Final exams in all laboratory courses and courses of one credit or less will be given during the last regularly scheduled class period of the semester. Final examinations for evening classes meeting after 4:30 p.m. will be held at the last meeting of the class during final exam week. Final examinations for all other courses are scheduled by the registration officer according to the regular class meeting time during the semester and must be given at the scheduled time; they may not be rescheduled or given prior to the start of the final examination period. Examinations will be held in the regularly scheduled classrooms, unless instructors make special advance arrangements through the registration officer.

Instructors in multi-section courses may request a “common final examination” period, if requests are made in advance. Rooms must be reserved with the registration officer for such exams, in order to avoid conflicts.

Final exam periods will be one hour and 50 minutes each, although instructors may request a longer final exam period (2 hours and 50 minutes), if needed.

If a student is scheduled for three or more examinations on any one day, the middle examination(s) of the day shall be rescheduled for this student by the instructor(s), upon the request of the student. The student will be required to make this request between the 10th and 15th day of classes.
Other than those events approved by the faculty of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, final examinations will be the only events scheduled during the week of final examinations. Students having conflicts arising from participation in such scheduled events must see their professors at least one week prior to the examinations week, to determine an equitable alternative to taking the examination at the scheduled time.

The deadline for all course work other than final examinations shall be no later than the last day of regular classes.

A student may be excused from a final examination at the discretion of the instructor.

The deadline for submission of final grades for any course shall be established by the registration officer provided; however, that it be no earlier than 96 hours after the end of the examination period for fall semester and no earlier than 120 hours after the end of the examination period for spring semester.

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