Student Success Support and Services

Students at the School of Mines often have a rigorous courseload. Many resources are available to help students succeed, including tutoring and other help.  We encourage students to take advantage of these, and to do it early if they feel they are falling behind or not comprehending subject matter in a particular course.

Be proactive and take advantage of peer-led study sessions in especially challenging courses.  See Supplemental Instruction below

Student Support:

Distance Education Students
Assistance with registration and useful links to other resources at the School of Mines

Description and schedule of our TLC Tutoring program, along with information about current TLC Tutors and their areas of expertise.  Schedules and tutor availability changes, so check the TLC Tutoring webpage for the most current information.

Peer Advising
Upper-class students available to help

Supplemental Instruction
Peer led study sessions in established freshmen courses with a reputation of being very difficult for some students; plus Study Skills sessions to help students handle academic demands.