Scholarships for Incoming Freshman

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is unusual among universities in that incoming freshman students are initially awarded scholarships without regard for specific funding sources.  The student does not need to separately apply for SDSM&T scholarships.  Acceptance to the university, following submission of the online SDSM&T admission application or by mailing, faxing or e-mailing a paper admissions application no later than the first business day in February prior to the fall semester of your first year of attendance, is all that is needed for scholarship consideration.  

Additional Information for Incoming Freshmen

Freshman students may also choose to seek non-SDSM&T scholarships.  Resources are available on this website to help students and families identify sources of scholarships for which the student may qualify and to understand more about the application process and requirements.

Scholarship Resources for All Students and Parents

Scholarships are an important source of funding for students (current and incoming) and their families.  Generally they provide funds without the obligation of repayment, though there may be other requirements or conditions.  Scholarships are offered by a wide variety of organizations and entities.  Some offer substantial awards and some are more modest.

The links below provide some guidance for students seeking non-SDSM&T scholarships but do not begin to represent all that may be available.   Students are also encouraged to attend the scholarship workshops periodically offered by the university, and scholarship coaching is available as well.  Students who receive a non-SDSM&T scholarship must notify the Financial Aid Office.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Scholarships List  (Non-SDSM&T Scholarships)

This list is maintained and vetted by SDSM&T in order to assist students in finding scholarships that support science and engineering education.  While it is largely a list of STEM-related scholarships, some other types of scholarships are listed as well.  Students at the School of Mines are exceptionally qualified to apply for prestigious scholarships and grants available on the local, regional, and national levels -- awards such as Marshall, Fulbright, Rhodes, Goldwater, USA Today, and more.

*Always check with your academic department about scholarship opportunities from related industry or student organizations