Scholarship Opportunities for Incoming Freshmen

At the School of Mines, incoming freshman students are initially awarded scholarship funds without regard for specific funding sources. Prior to the start of the semester, the SDSM&T Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Offices then assign each scholarship recipient an available individual donor-funded scholarship.

In order to be considered for incoming freshman scholarships at the School of Mines, prospective students must be accepted for admission no later than the first business day in February prior to the academic year they plan to attend. Acceptance, following submission of the online SDSM&T admission application or by mailing, faxing or e-mailing a paper admissions application, is all that is needed for scholarship consideration.  Regardless of how you submit your application, all incoming freshman accepted for admission on or before the first business day in February will be competitively evaluated for incoming freshman scholarships.

All applicants must carefully review the admission application requirements and ensure that all required documents (including no less than an official 6th semester high school transcript or a final transcript for students that have already graduated from high school) are on file or mailed to the Admissions Office with a postmark date no later than January 25th in order to meet the filing deadline.

Automatic Scholarship Award

All students admitted as first time freshmen (including students who completed college coursework while still in high school) on or prior to the first working day in February prior to their academic year of enrollment (i.e. February 2014 for a September 2014 start), will receive an automatic award offer of $3,000 per year for each of their first two years of attendance if they meet one of the following two criteria:

  • Have ACT scores (or SAT equivalent scores) of both 32 composite and 32 math, or higher;
  • Have an ACT score (or SAT equivalent score) of 34 or higher in either composite or math.

Eligibility for Higher Scholarship Awards

Recipients remain eligible to compete for award offers of greater value, as described in the next paragraph, an award of which would replace the $3000 offer for each year for their first two years at Mines.

Order of Merit List (OML)

The SDSM&T Scholarship Committee has developed a formula that evaluates each student's ACT Composite, ACT Math and high school Cumulative Grade Point Average and ranks each student on an Order of Merit List (OML) from the highest to lowest score. A student's relative position on the OML will determine who will be offered four-year Surbeck Scholarships ($7,000 a year), four-year Presidential Scholarships ($3,000 a year), four year Distinctive Scholarships (ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 a year) and two-year Tech Challenge Scholarships (ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 a year).

Other Scholarship Awards

Some of our scholarship donors have set up scholarships with very specific eligibility criteria. These one-year, non-renewable awards range from $100 to $4000.

National Merit Finalists

The School of Mines offers a $3,000 scholarship renewable for three years to National Merit Finalists who notify the National Merit Corporation that SDSM&T is their first-choice college at the time they first fill out their finalist application.

Change or Increase of Scholarship Award

If scholarship funds become available from a higher dollar amount or multiple year award due to a recipient turning down their scholarship, awardees may be "moved up" to a more prestigious scholarship as appropriate. In addition, as scholarship funds become available, students that were not selected in our initial awarding process will be reconsidered for scholarship funding and notified accordingly.

Date of Scholarship Award Notification

Scholarship recipients will be notified of their awards approximately the 3rd week of February. If the scholarship is a multi-year award, the award notice will indicate the criteria the recipient must meet to maintain their scholarship for subsequent years.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship recipients must meet certain enrollment and academic achievement requirements.  Find out more on our Scholarship Requirements page.

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