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A student declares a major upon entering the School of Mines, however, they are able to change that major at any time. Find helpful information below.

Applied Biological Sciences

Biology, as a science, has evolved from Darwin's study of finches to today's ever-broadening understanding of the world — including plant and animal populations, medicine, and energy and the environment — at the biochemical, genetic, and molecular level. SDSM&T offers a BS degree in Chemistry and a new BS degree in Applied Biological Sciences will be available in 2013.  Advanced degrees include a Masters and PhD in Biomedical Engineering.
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Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

The atmosphere affects almost every facet of our lives, from daily weather events to the climate’s overarching impact on the environment and society. The Black Hill’s unique combination of interesting weather in all seasons creates unparalleled research opportunities for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences students. The department’s close relationship with the local National Weather Service (NWS) forecasting office provides invaluable opportunities for cooperative education coursework. 

Undergraduate students work towards a degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences with an Atmospheric Sciences specialization.  Advanced degrees include a MS and PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.
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Chemical and Biological Engineering

Invent the process technologies of tomorrow while solving the world’s most pressing challenges today. Chemical engineering resides at the intersection of biology, chemistry, physics, math and engineering. Personalized classes offer opportunities to develop theoretical and hands-on expertise in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, purification, computer solutions to complex engineering problems, process control, kinetics and reactor design.  A BS degree in Chemical Engineering, MS degree in Chemical Engineering, and PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering are available at the School of Mines.
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Chemistry serves as the central science, critical for understanding all other areas of science, from plants and animals to energy and the environment. Cutting-edge research in this department trailblazes new paths in rapidly-growing areas such as nanoscience and nanotechnology, advanced materials, clean energy and medicinal analysis.  The School of Mines offers a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry.
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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Build a better, more sustainable world. Civil engineers serve their communities. They plan, design, construct and operate infrastructure systems essential to modern life, ranging from dams and waterways, bridges and buildings, highways and airports, and satellites and renewable energy facilities.

Environmental engineers solve pressing global problems in all areas related to the environment and public health: sustainable design of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems; pollution prevention programs; design of site remediation and mining reclamation programs; and ecosystem protection and restoration efforts, among others.

SDSM&T offers a BS degree, MS degree and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering  and an MS in Construction Management. 
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Computer Engineering

Computer engineers use knowledge of digital hardware and software combination to produce instruments, devices and systems from basic laptop and desktop computers to supercomputers and robotics for the benefits of humankind. This research is in high demand by public and private sectors; our robots secure profits and save lives.  Robots conduct military reconnaissance and surveillance missions, aid search-and-rescue efforts and survey forest fires with zero risk to humans.

A BS degree is available in Computer Engineering.

Computer Science

A computer science degree will prepare you for the most advanced jobs in one of the fastest-growing industries today. A project-driven curriculum allows you to apply your knowledge from a wide selection of advance courses in computation. Participate in active research groups building autonomous ground and flying robots in the L-3 Communications Embedded Systems and Robotics Lab. 

A BS degree in Computer Science and an MS in Computational Sciences and Robotics are available from our department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
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Construction Engineering and Management

Two graduate level programs, a certificate program as well as a full master's degree program, are offered through our Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  The Construction Engineering and Management program reflects a collaborative effort between the construction industry and the university to meet a growing industry need for technical professionals with management and applied research skills. The interdisciplinary curriculum includes management-oriented courses and technical electives that allow the student's program of study to reflect individual interests and career goals. Using blended learning technologies, online courses are offered concurrently with face-to-face classes to meet the needs of working professionals.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design and develop circuitry that makes possible the operation of all electrical and electronic products, power and control systems. Engage in cutting-edge research in robotics, lunabotics and vision systems for the blind, for use in military reconnaissance and surveillance missions, search-and-rescue efforts, 3D mapping, surveying fires, crop-dusting and more.  Both undergraduate and graduate programs are available through our Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Geological Engineering

As human populations and their impact on the environment increase, the work of geological engineers will be critical to supporting global development. Geological engineers solve technical problems in a breath of fields from ground water, mining and petroleum resources to infrastructure and natural disaster assessment.

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology offers a BS degree in Geological Engineering, and MS and PhD degrees in Geology and Geological Engineering.
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Geology and Paleontology

The study of Geology spans all of Earth’s history: from the processes that shaped our planet’s past to those forming our world today. Geologists discover natural resources such as mineral ores and petroleum reserves, preserve water quality, protect the environment, mitigate natural hazards and explain how life evolved.

Students work towards a BS degree in Geology.  Advanced degrees include a MS in Geology and Geological Engineering and a PhD in Geology and Geological Engineering. If Paleontology is your passion, SDSM&T is the only university in the nation offering a master's degree in Paleontology.
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Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Integral to the success of nearly every organization imaginable, industrial engineers and engineering managers creatively problem-solve in banks, hospitals, government, transportation, construction, processing, social services, electronics and facilities design. Graduates lead illustrious careers at diverse companies including Microsoft, RC Regional Hospital, Caterpillar, Boeing, Raytheon and UPS.  Bachelor and master's degree programs are available from the Department of Industrial Engineering.

The School of Mines offers a BS degree in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management and an MS degree in Engineering Management, as well as a number of certificate programs related to Industrial Engineering but available to students from other disciplines.
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Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgical engineers design, produce and improve materials that impact nearly every aspect of modern life. They transform the earth’s mineral resources into advanced alloys used in products as diverse as surgical implants, computer chips, superconductors, automobiles and aircraft. Research in this field is critical to solving energy problems all across the globe.   Metallurgical engineers and materials scientists remain committed to sustainable design, recycling existing materials and engineering new recyclable materials that function in an environmentally-responsible way. 

The Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering offers a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and MS and PhD degrees in Materials Engineering and Science.
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Mathematics, Computational Sciences and Robotics

In this information age, the rapid development of science and technology has created a critical need for people with a strong background in mathematics. Our degree program offers a great combination of rigorous mathematics coupled with advanced computing skills that underpins all other aspects of science and engineering.  A bachelor's degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics is available as well as a master's degree in Computational Sciences and Robotics.
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Mechanical Engineering

Everywhere you look, you’ll see the positive effect of Mechanical Engineering on everyday life. Cars are safer; sound systems deliver better acoustics; medical tests are more accurate and cell phones are a lot more fun. With a unique fusion of imagination and analytical skills, you’ll invent, design and build things that matter. From terrestrial and aerospace transportation, to industrial production and medical technology, today’s mechanical engineers work in diverse fields designing structures, power systems, machines, robots, electro-mechanical and electronic devices, vehicles and much more. Bachelor's, masters and doctorate degree programs are available from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
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Military Science

Instructing students in the fundamentals of military art and science, the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) develops leadership and managerial potential; a strong sense of personal integrity, honor and individual responsibility; and an appreciation of the requirements for national security. The first two years of Army ROTC may be obligation free and provide an opportunity to learn about the Army with no service commitment.
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Mining Engineering

Travel the world, working on challenging, complex and highly-specialized projects with professionals from diverse engineering disciplines.  An exciting field focusing on the safe and profitable extraction of minerals from the ground, our mining engineering program is a dynamic industry with incredible opportunities, scholarships and internships.  The Department of Mining Engineering and Management offers bachelor and master's degrees in Mining Engineering in a mining program second to none in the nation.
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Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary field that involves work with nanomaterials:  small collections of atoms and molecules.  At this small structural level, new properties and phenomena emerge and can be manipulated in ways to advance the design of new materials for a wide range of use in the world.  Nanoscience requires a broad understanding of fundamental principles and the ability to draw connections between traditionally disparate disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, and biology.

A PhD in Nanoscience and Nanoengineering is offered. Admission to thePhD program requires a bachelor's or master's degree in an engineering or science discipline based on physical science.
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Physicists thrive on the intellectual challenge of highly-conceptual problems, exploring the nature of physical reality at its most fundamental level. The comprehensive SDSM&T Physics program provides students with unique opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research in particle physics, condensed matter physics and nano-technology with our faculty and physicists from around the world. 

The School of Mines offers BS and MS degrees in Physics.  A PhD program in Physics was approved in 2012.
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Pre-Law - Interdisciplinary Sciences

For students interested in preparing for a law or public policy career, the Interdisciplinary Sciences "Science, Technology and Society" specialization combines a strong science background with a firm grounding in environmental, social and science policy issues. Coursework prepares students for additional study in law school, public policy and community development programs, or even accelerated teacher certification programs

Pre-Med and Health Sciences - Interdisciplinary Sciences

Our Interdisciplinary Services Pre-Professional Health Sciences program provides the rigorous breadth and depth of coursework required for admission to medical school and other professional health science programs. Students may take a pre-med preparatory path, or prepare for a variety of other health care careers:  dentistry, medical radiography, optometry, nursing, physical or occupational therapy and more. Undergraduates work towards a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences.

Opportunities exist in the community to observe professionals in workplaces such as Rapid City Regional Hospital, the hospice house, assisted living centers and other health services agencies.