Financial Documents and the I-20 Form

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) requires that U.S. colleges or universities must establish that a student is able to pay all educational and incidental expenses BEFORE issuing the I-20 form.

The international student must provide a statement of finances (in English). This includes a financial (bank) statement from the student or sponsor, which must be verified by a bank official.  The bank statement must show the actual amount--or more--that is available to the student. A statement that says “ample funds” is not acceptable.  If the student has a financial sponsor, a letter or affidavit of support must accompany the financial statement. If the sponsor is a government agency, a letter of award and instructions for invoice procedures should be sent. International students are not eligible for SDSM&T or federal loan programs and should not apply for such financial assistance.

The following information is provided as a guideline.
You must provide current information (less than 6 months old) from your financial institution verifying that you have the funding readily available for use.  These funds should be in cash or liquid assets.

Please send a current bank statement according to the following specifications: Bank statement (in English) must be on bank letterhead (to include the bank’s address and telephone number) and include the account number, date the account was opened, and balance to date.  Again, a bank statement that says “ample funds” and does not include dollar amounts is not acceptable.  A bank statement that states you have "at least $25,000 available for your use" is acceptable.

 Please send, fax, or attach a scanned copy to an email and send it directly to the Ivanhoe International Center.  Contact the Ivanhoe International Center if you have questions.