Costs for International Students

The following is an approximate level of annual costs for which the student is responsible, either through personal resources (other than the college) or other resources. This total is based on an average of sixteen credit hours per semester for undergraduate students and nine credit hours per semester for graduate students. Because tuition and fees are assessed by credit hour, the actual costs will depend on the number of credit hours attempted. Most international students at the undergraduate level take a higher number of credit hours per semester than the average undergraduate student from the US. The living expenses are based on very modest requirements for off-campus housing, food, transportation, and personal expenses. If you choose to live in the college residence halls, these costs may be somewhat reduced. These estimates are for room, board, and health insurance and do not include personal and transportation expenses. You must plan for those additional expenses.
All international students must pay an international student fee of $100 per semester. This amount is included in the estimate below. Please note that all figures are ESTIMATES.

Estimated costs for 2014-15 (living on campus, one academic year)

  Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition and Fees    
Academic year (9 months) $14,852 $12,725
Living Expenses (9 months) $ 8,615 $ 9,055
Books & Supplies (9 months) $ 1,000 $     900
TOTAL $24,467 $22,680

Again, this estimate includes only room, board, and health insurance, which is mandatory for international students. This does not include personal and transportation expenses, which you will still have. The institution estimates that you will spend approximately $3000 per academic year on personal and transportation expenses, so please be prepared for these expenses.
The following are estimated additional annual costs when dependents are involved.

Estimated costs for students with dependents

  Single Students Married Student
Spouse   $9,000
First Child $8,000 $8,000
Second Child $7,000 $7,000
Third Child $6,000 $6,000

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) requires that US colleges or universities must establish that a student is able to pay all educational and incidental expenses BEFORE issuing the I-20 form.  Find more information on the financial documents necessary to satisfy this requirement.