South Dakota School of Mines is committed and obligated to the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics program in a manner that is consistent with the letter and the spirit of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and university rules and regulations. The compliance office coordinates, monitors, and verifies compliance with all NCAA requirements and educates the various constituencies of the university and the community regarding NCAA Division II regulations. The compliance office is dedicated to providing educational programs and interpretive support to ensure that all individuals involved in the athletics program understand and adhere to the university’s compliance expectations. It is the goal of the compliance program to educate, oversee and monitor the intercollegiate athletics program and maintain a positive compliance environment. Each individual within the athletics program is obligated to maintain knowledge of the rules, to act within his or her realm of responsibility in full compliance with the rules and to report any violations. The commitment to excellence by the entire South Dakota School of Mines Athletics family must be a priority in all aspects of the program. This commitment includes knowing and complying with NCAA rules. Everyone involved in Athletics is responsible to know the rules, and recognize this responsibility as a team effort.


Jennifer Buddle– Assistant AD/Compliance Coordinator 394-1689 or

Tiffany McCampbell – Associate AD/SWA 394-2643 or


You may not provide a student-athlete any benefit or special arrangement that would not be offered to the rest of the student population. Such a benefit may cause a student-athlete to lose his or her eligibility. The Compliance Office should clear any contact or planned activity with an enrolled student-athlete before it takes place. Call (605) 394-1689 with questions.



The NCAA randomly tests student-athletes for banned substances. If you have tested positive for and NCAA banned substance, you will lose your eligibility for a minimum of one year. This means you cannot participate in athletic activities at any NCAA institution during the post-season for a minimum of one calendar year following the positive drug test. You will also lose your eligibility during this time.

  It is important to know that combinations of some of the supplements found in smoothies or other workout drinks can combine into substances on the NCAA banned drugs list! When using nutritional and/or dietary supplements, take measures to ensure that they are compliant with NCAA Bylaws. Refer to and the SDSM&T athletic training department for acceptable supplements. Also, see the 2013-2014 NCAA Drug Testing Program Guide under the Forms section.


Q: What is a Booster/Representative of Athletics Interest? 
A: An individual who has ever (or has been known by SDSM&T to):

·        Participate in or belong to an organization promoting SDSM&T 's athletic programs;

·        Make financial contributions to the SDSM&T athletics program or booster club;

·        Assist in the recruitment of prospects;

·        Provide benefits to student-athletes; or

·        Otherwise has been involved in promoting SDSM&T athletics.

Once a person is identified as such a representative, the person retains that identity indefinitely.

Q: What is a prospect?

A: A prospect is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. In addition, a student who has not yet started ninth grade classes becomes a prospect if the institution provides any benefit not available to general prospective students.

Q: May a booster telephone a prospect, or send a letter of congratulations to a prospect AFTER they have signed a National Letter of Intent?

A: No. A prospect remains a prospect until they enroll in school. Therefore, telephoning or writing to a prospective student-athlete by a booster is not permissible. The only permissible contact with a prospective student-athlete is for employment purposes initiated by the prospective student-athlete.

Q: May a booster employ or arrange for employment of a prospective student-athlete?

A: Yes. This is the only exception that allows a booster to contact a prospect before the prospect enrolls at SDSM&T. A booster can arrange employment before the completion of the prospect's senior year in high school. Compensation must be paid only for work performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for services of like character.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to provide a prospect with summer employment transportation?

A: No. Although, the arrangement of employment for a prospect after their senior year in high school is permissible, providing transportation to a prospect is generally not. An institution or its boosters cannot provide free transportation to or from a summer job unless providing transportation is the employers established policy for all employees. Refer to NCAA Bylaw

Q: Can a booster employ an enrolled student-athlete during the academic year?

A: Yes. Restrictions for employment include, but are not limited to: Compensation must be paid only for work performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for services of like character. Refer to NCAA Bylaw 15.2.6.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to invite a prospect to a booster meeting or event?

A: No. It is impermissible to invite a prospect or an enrolled student-athlete to a booster meeting. If a prospect, signee or enrolled student-athlete attends a meeting on his or her own they would be permitted to stay, but they must pay all fees charged for non-members to attend the meeting, including the meal.

Q: Can a booster group place an advertisement that is targeted at local prospective student-athletes in a newspaper or other publication?

A: No. It is impermissible to place such an advertisement even if the advertisement does not specifically mention SDSM&T.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to pay the registration fees associated with summer sports camps for a prospect?

A: No. A booster may not pay any fees associated with sports camps for a prospect.

Q: Can a booster provide a gift to the prospect, or treat a prospect to a free dinner?

A: No. It is not permissible to give the prospect a gift or treat him or her to a meal. After they become an enrolled student-athlete it would be permissible to invite them to the booster's home for an occasional meal. To ensure that no NCAA bylaws are being violated, please contact the compliance office prior to hosting any student-athletes.

Q: Is SDSM&T responsible for the actions of its representatives and their support groups?

A: Yes, SDSM&T is subject to penalties for all violations committed by any athletic representative or support organizations.


As always, if you have questions regarding these issues or any other concerns please contact the Compliance office at (605) 394-1689.

If a student-athlete knowingly or unknowingly takes a banned substance and tests positive: THEY LOSE THEIR ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY.


To be eligible to represent SDSM&T College in intercollegiate athletics competition, a student-athlete shall be in good academic standing as determined by the academic authorities who determine the meaning of such phrases for all students of the institution, subject to controlling legislation of the GNAC (soccer) and NCAA.

A student-athlete shall not be eligible for participation in an intercollegiate sport, if the individual takes or has taken pay, or has accepted the promise of pay in any form, for participation in that sport, or if the individual has violated any of the other regulations related to amateurism set forth in NCAA Bylaw 12.

For purposes of determining eligibility for financial aid, practice and competition in Divisions I and II institutions, a student-athlete needs to meet all of the following requirements (see NCAA Bylaw 14.3): (a) Graduation from high school; (b) Successful completion of a required core curriculum consisting of a minimum number of courses in specified subjects; (c) Specified minimum grade-point average in the core curriculum; and (d) Specified minimum SAT or ACT score.

SDSM&T may finance only one visit to its campus for a prospective student-athlete. Prior to an official visit, a prospective student-athlete must be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

 A prospective student-athlete may not be provided an expense-paid visit earlier than the opening day of classes of the prospective student-athlete’s senior year in high school.

A prospective student-athlete has an unlimited number of unofficial (non-reimbursed) visits to any number of NCAA-member institutions.

NCAA Information for Prospective Student-Athletes 

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