2013 SAAC members


What is the SDSM&T Student Athlete Advisory Committee?

To promote and enhance community with the SDSM&T Athletic Department Administration and the Student-Athlete.

To encourage student-athlete participation in various programs and events developed within the athletic department and campus.

To encourage academic success and an environment of "support" within the SDSM&T athletic teams/Athletic Administration.

Functions of the campus SAAC:

Promote community between athletics administration, campus administration and student-athletes. 

Provide feedback and insight into athletic department issues.

Generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletics department.

Build a sense of community and pride with the athletics program involving all athletics teams.

Become a liaison to student-athletes on proposed conference and NCAA legislation.

Organize community service efforts.

Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.


The Mission of the SDSM&T Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to be known by student-athletes, coaches and administration as an organization connecting athletes.  Our goal is to improve the image, welfare and academic standards of all student-athletes through campus activities, social events, support, and community service.


The membership of the SAAC will be composed of one member from each of the University's athletic teams.  A varsity sport is a sport that has been accorded that status by the institution's chief executive officer.  At present (October 5, 2010) these teams include:  cross country, golf, track and field, football, and volleyball.  All representatives are responsible to be the liaison between their respective team and the SAAC.


Requirements for participation in the SDSM&T SAAC are:  To maintain academic eligibility, to adhere to the purposes and guidelines of SAAC, and to regularly attend mandatory meetings.  All members are subject to removal from this organization by the Executive Committee or SAAC advisor if the SAAC member fails to follow the appropriate guidelines.

Executive Committee

The executive committee will be composed of the SDSM&T Athletic Director, a SAAC advisor, and a four person student committee which will be elected at the first meeting of each new academic year.  The student held positions are:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


The President must be an entering Junior or Senior and will be voted on by the committee.  Voting for all officers will take place at the first meeting of the academic year.  In the event that the President cannot fulfill their obligations, the Vice President would take over the remainder of the year.

Must call and preside over all SAAC Meetings.

Should regularly community with the SAAC Advisor and create all agenda's.

Will support and maintain the mission and philosophies of all councils.

Vice President:

The Vice President shall be voted in to office on the first meeting of the school year.  They should be a Junior in academic standing or higher.

In the President's absence, they should resume all responsibility.

Should form reports on all councils, activities, goals and outlooks.


The secretary will be responsible for all meeting minutes, tracking and taking attendance, creating and maintaining all SAAC bulletin boards, and recording and documenting all individual and team community service projects.

Is responsible for community all relevant information to SAAC members and reserving a consistent meeting spot. 


Will prepare and maintain an accurate record of all funds and disbursal of funds as directed by the President and Executive Council.

Must be in charge of organizing and creating fundraising activities within the SAAC.

2013-14 SAAC Membership and Officers

Men's BB Stephen Yellowtail  
Volleyball Justine Blade  
Men's XC Tyler Nack Vice President
Women's XC Brittanee Wood  
Men's OTF Seth Brotherton  
Women's OTF Anna Haneline Secretarg
Men's ITF Nick Albers  
Women's ITF Lillian Temple President
Women's BB Jessica Shull  
Men's Golf Tyler Frick  
Women's Golf Brigit Kelly  
Football Pat Shaw Treasurer
Soccer Eric Milbrandt  
Men's XC Cole Jolovich  
Men's BB Konor Kulas  
Women's Golf Shelby Allen  
Volleyball Janelle Strampe  
Women's BB Mackenzie Kenney  
Volleyball Mikkella Reese  
Men's Track Ethan Sager  
Women's Track Jessica Tisdale  
Women's Track Katie Croell  
Men's XC Justin Slattery  
Men's BB Tyler Schoening  
Women's Golf Cassidy Vollmer  

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