Name Yr. Event Hometown Major
Nick Alberts Sr. Sprints Langford, SD Electrical Engineering
Jack Batho, IV Fr. Throws Omaha, NE Mechanical Science
Dale Broek So. Distance Tumwater, WA Mining Engineering
Aaron Campbell
Sherdan, WY
 Electrical Engineering
Travis Buse Jr. Distance Lennox, SD Chemical Engineering
Sean Earley Jr. Sprints Eaton, CO Mechanical Engineering
Garret Ecoffey So. Throws Mason, OH Mechanical Engineering
Ashton Grissom Fr. Distance Parker, CO Mechanical Engineering
Taylor Heaps Sr. Sprints Ranchester, WY Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Huber Fr. Distance Burlington, IA Mechanical Engineering
Jayvon Jackson So. Throws Magnolia, TX Computer Engineering
Cole Jolovich Sr.  Distance  Dayton, WY Civil /Environmental Engineering
Carter Kasuske
Wentworth, SD
Electrical Engineering
Isaiah Martin Jr. Throws San Diego, CA Mechanical Engineering
Davis Mathieu Jr. Distance Spokane, WA Applied Biological Sciences
Jordan Mason Fr. Hurdles Lake Geneve, WI Geology
Isiah McGuire So. Sprints Peoria, AZ Civil/Environmental Engineering
Jonathon Murray Fr. Sprints Yuma, AZ Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Sager Sr. Sprints Starkweather, ND Mining Engineering
Westley Siebdrath Fr. Throws La Quinta, CA Civil/Environmental Engineering
Casey Skillingstad So. PV Yankton, SD Civil/Environmental Engineering
Joshua Thomas Jr. Sprints Fresno, TX Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Thompson Jr. Sprints Fort Lewis, WA Industrial Engineering
Bradley Ware Fr. Multi Events Dubuque, IA Civil/Environmental Engineering
Alex Wood Jr. Javelin Folsom, CA Mechanical Engineering


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    RMAC Outdoor Championships

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    RMAC Indoor T&F Highlights

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    Hardrocker Lunch Feb. 16

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    2015 Hall of Fame Ceremony

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    Let's Go 'Rockers!

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    Fraser Dedication Cermony

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