About Us

Central Staff Information

Dan Sepion, Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct/Deputy Title IX Coordinator- Daniel.Sepion@sdsmt.edu
Lisa LaPlant, Assistant Director of Residence Life - Lisa.LaPlant@sdsmt.edu 
Gayla Schlei, Program Assistant - Gayla.Schlei@sdsmt.edu
Charles Biberg, Peterson Assistant Hall Director - Charles.Biberg@sdsmt.edu
Caleb Childers, Connolly/Palmerton Assistant Hall Director - Caleb.Childers@sdsmt.edu
Ryan Grosek, Rocker Square Coordinator - Ryan.Grosek@sdsmt.edu
Oris Rost, Facilities Coordinator - Oris.Rost@sdsmt.edu

Our Resident Assistants:

petersonPeterson Hall

Daniel Biorn
Michael Bush
Collin Eddy
Charles Kieffer
Zachary Kroehler
Jordan Landen 
Bobbi Strange
Mathew Daniel – Residential Peer Mentor

Palmerton Hall


Mitchell Bondarenko
Matthew Dyke
Patrick Holland
Alec Knox
Sharla Maginnis
Alexander Muchow
Jake Radtke
Christopher Romanjenko
Joree Sandin
Mark Undseth
Baylor Wagehoft - Residential Peer Mentor





Connolly Hall

Kathleen Brown
Cody Cronin
Erik Fenske
Michael Krsnak
Tim Renken
Joseph Schurch
Nicole VanDerWolde
Baylor Wagehoft - Residential Peer Mentor 

Rocker Squarerockersquare

Rocker Square I
Aman Anand
John Cahill
Blake Harris

Rocker Square II
Breanna Conrardy
Reid Cummins
Patrick Jenkins


May Move-Out Information  

Learn everything you need to know about moving out!  Complete details, including information about closing, summer housing, and to-do's can be found online on our:

May Closing Website



  • Sat. May 9, 12 Noon: 
      All Halls Close


  • Thurs. Aug. 20:
    New Student Move-In (8am-6pm)
  • Fri. Aug. 21 - Sun. Aug. 23:
    Returning Student Move-In (8am-4pm)
  • Thurs. Dec. 17, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close for Winter Break
  • Sat. Jan. 9, 12 Noon:
    All Halls open for Spring Semester  
  • Sat. March 5, 12 Noon:
    All Halls close for Spring Break
  • Sun. March 13, 8am:
    All Halls open after Spring Break
  •  Sat. May 7, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close