About Us

Central Staff Information

Dan Sepion, Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct/Deputy Title IX Coordinator- Daniel.Sepion@sdsmt.edu
Lisa LaPlant, Assistant Director of Residence Life - Lisa.LaPlant@sdsmt.edu 
Jonathan Sander, Palmerton/Connolly Hall Director - Jonathan.Sander@sdsmt.edu
Gayla Schlei, Program Assistant - Gayla.Schlei@sdsmt.edu
Brandon Antoine, Peterson Assistant Hall Director - Brandon.Antoine@sdsmt.edu
Caleb Childers, Rocker Square Assistant Hall Director - Caleb.Childers@sdsmt.edu
Daniel Biorn, Peterson Assistant Hall Director - Daniel.Biorn@sdsmt.edu
Oris Rost, Facilities Coordinator - Oris.Rost@sdsmt.edu  

Our Resident Assistants:

Peterson Hall

Connel Bjorkstrand
Rachel Hermanson
Charles Kieffer
Zach Kroehler
Brenna Mollet
Jacob Radtke
Bobbi Strange
Thomas Waddell
Robert Sievert – Residential Peer Mentor 


Palmerton Hall

Adams Ahmadu
Cody Cronin
Dillon John
Sharla Maginnis
Marcus McKinney
Alex Muchow
Grant Nelson
Joree Sandin
Simon Schaefer
Grant Vaucher
Baylor Wagehoft - Residential Peer Mentor  


Connolly Hall

Katie Brown
Colby Harris
Ryan Hinrichs
Tyler Kleinsasser
Chris Romanjenko
Mark Undseth
Baylor Wagehoft - Residential Peer Mentor   



Rocker Square

Rocker Square I
John Cahill
Alec Knox
Anneka Swedlund

Rocker Square II
Breanna Conrardy
Patrick Holland
Ike Okparaeke



Winter Break
Closing Information  

Learn everything you need to know about winter break closing!  Complete details, including closing date/opening date, to-do's before you leave, and what to do if you are not returning can be found on our:

Winter Break Website



  • Thurs. Dec. 17, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close for Winter Break
  • Sat. Jan. 9, 12 Noon:
    All Halls open for Spring Semester  
  • Sat. March 5, 12 Noon:
    All Halls close for Spring Break
  • Sun. March 13, 8am:
    All Halls open after Spring Break
  •  Sat. May 7, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close