Residence Life Photo Tour

The virtual tour we offer requires QuickTime to work, you can get it here. A fast internet connection is suggested for best results with this tour.  Tours will open in a separate pop-up window.  Click into image to rotate view.

In addition to our photo tour below, make sure you visit the Mines Virtual Tour - it contains virtual tours of our residence halls in addition to the rest of our Mines campus.

Virtual tours are available for the following buildings:

Connolly Hall

Occupied Double
Occupied Single
PC Commons
Laundry Room

Palmerton Hall

Occupied Double
Occupied Single
PC Commons
Laundry Room 

Peterson Hall

Occupied Double
Occupied Deluxe Double
Occupied Quad
Occupied Study Quad Entry
Study Quad Room A
Study Quad Room B

Rocker Square

Rocker Square I Living Room & Kitchen
Rocker Square I Bedroom  (photo, not tour)
Rocker Square II Living Room & Kitchen
Rocker Square II Bedroom  (photo, not tour)
Rocker Square I/II Bathroom  (photo, not tour)

Please understand that the tours of occupied rooms may contain furniture that is supplied by the residents and not by Residence Life.

Winter Break
Closing Information  

Learn everything you need to know about winter break closing!  Complete details, including closing date/opening date, to-do's before you leave, and what to do if you are not returning can be found on our:

Winter Break Website



  • Thurs. Dec. 17, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close for Winter Break
  • Sat. Jan. 9, 12 Noon:
    All Halls open for Spring Semester  
  • Sat. March 5, 12 Noon:
    All Halls close for Spring Break
  • Sun. March 13, 8am:
    All Halls open after Spring Break
  •  Sat. May 7, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close