Residence Halls

Whether it's the all night study sessions, movie night extravaganzas, unplanned cookie baking, or just having someone down the hall you know you can count on, living on-campus is the only way to get the true "college experience." With three residence halls on campus, Mines ResLife provides ample opportunities to find a room that is just right for you. Even better, the Resident Assistants of the residence halls organize activities throughout the year ranging from Super Bowl parties to bowling nights to holiday decorating competitions. The halls also sponsor intramural teams, community service projects, and have also played an important role in the campus environmental sustainability program.

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PC Commons Exterior

PC Commons

Opened in 2010, PC Commons provides recreational and office space for Connolly and Palmerton Halls. PC Commons also features a small kitchen area with vending. While both residence halls share this main entrance, they maintain separate student staffs and building identities.

Connelly Hall Exterior

Connolly Hall

Built in the 1940's and housing as many as 150 students, Connolly Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus at the School of Mines. Renovations of the building were completed in December 2009 giving students many great new features including air conditioning and a more sustainable approach to living. Connolly houses freshmen residents in double rooms. In addition, Connolly offers a small number of single rooms for sophomore students. Connolly features wings with common bathrooms, large community lounges with kitchens, and community laundry. Finally, Connolly is home to the "Women in STEM" Learning Community. This community is open to all new freshmen women as a housing option on the housing agreement.

Palmerton Hall Exterior

Palmerton Hall

Built in the late 1960's and housing approximately 210 students, Palmerton Hall is the tallest building on campus with 5 floors. Palmerton was completely renovated in 2010. All of the floors have common area bathrooms and common lobbies in the middle of the floor. Kitchen areas are also provided on each floor. Community laundry is also provided. Palmerton is home to sophomore and freshmen residents. All rooms are double occupancy.

Peterson Hall Ext

Peterson Hall

Completed in 2004 and housing almost 300 freshmen and sophomore students, Peterson Hall is connected to the Surbeck Student Union. Students who live in Peterson appreciate the fact that they do not have to go outside in harsh weather to go to the dining hall or Miner's Shack. Peterson has a variety of different room styles doubles, triples, quads, and study quads. Each room has a sink and there are community bathrooms for the residents living in doubles and triples. Residents in quads and study quads have a private bathroom. Peterson Hall also has community laundry, community kitchens, and study rooms. Peterson is home to three learning communities: Service First, Outdoor Pursuits, and Exploring Rapid City (and beyond). These communities are open to all new freshmen as a housing option on the housing agreement.

Rocker Square RAs

Rocker Square Suite-Style Apartments

The Rocker Square complex near campus is available for sophomore (2nd-year) residents. These suite-style apartments include private bathrooms, a semi-furnished living room, full kitchen, and furnished bedrooms. SD Mines Resident Assistants and an Assistant Hall Director live and work in the building to complete the residential living experience for our sophomores. Suite-style apartments are available in the following unit type: 4-Person (4 single bedrooms with 2 bathrooms), 5-Person (3 single bedrooms/1 double bedroom with 2 bathrooms), 3-Person (3 single bedrooms with 1 bathroom), and 2-Person (2 single bedrooms with 1 bathroom).

Please note that the beds in Connolly, Palmerton,Peterson, and Rocker Square II are extra-long, and that XL twin sheets will fit best. Residence Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to make sure our students have an easy to find, affordable way to purchase any bedding and campus living needs. Please visit the RHL website


  • Thurs. Dec. 17, 12 Noon:
    All Halls Close for Winter Break
  • Sat. Jan. 9, 12 Noon:
    All Halls open for Spring Semester  
  • Sat. March 5, 12 Noon:
    All Halls close for Spring Break
  • Sun. March 13, 8am:
    All Halls open after Spring Break
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    All Halls Close