Alternative Fitness Locations

Are you looking for a place to work out while the Wellness Center is remodeled?  Check out the various local gyms and their special deals for Mines Students! 

 Weight Room

Fee: $30.00 per month for 3 or more, $35.99/month for less

Benefits: Free weights, machines, cardio machines, classes, & personal trainers(extra cost)


Fee: 18-19yr $20.00/month, 20-25yr $40.00/month, $25.00 joiner fee

Benefits: Free weights, machines, cardio machines, classes, steam room, hot tub and pools.


Fee: $38.00/month for year, $50.00 joiner fee

Benefits: Free weights, machines, cardio machines, classes, steam room,climbing wall, and personal trainers (extra cost)


Fee:$38.00/month+$65.00 joining fee covers first month

Benefits: Open 24/7, tanning, free weights, machines, virtual classes, & personal trainers (extra cost)


Fee: $38.00/month +$29.00-Acess card, $33.00/month w/ year contract

Benefits: Open 24/7, cardio machines, machines, free weights, & tanning. (any facility in USA or canada)



Fee: No student rate. $79.00-$249.00 joining fee (includes first month)

Benefits: Personalized program &website (4am-11pm access, 7am-7pm staffed) weight & cardio machines



Open 24/7


Benefits: Pilates classes, TRX classes, cycling clases, & personal trainers (extra cost)



Fee: 15% off monthly fee, greater discount for longer commitment.

Benefits: Crossfit training (classes), Jugit ZU (extra cost), & Massage (extra cost)





Fee: $60.00/month, no contract

Benefits: Crossfit training (classes)


Fee:10% discount, unlimited membership $115/ind, $175/cpl

Benefits: Cross fit training (classes)


Fee: Students receive the senior rate.

Benefits: Limited workout equipment, swimming options, water classes with Zumba

Swim Center Webpage  



Fee: $40/month (just gym), $80 group training (That's 20% off)

Benefits: Group & Personal training, strongmen/powerlifter for weight training (limited group size) Boot camp style.



Fee:10% off (3 months $100) 1st visit free

Benefits: Classes (Zumba, Hoopnotica, Pound FIt)

Carol White's Fitness Studio


Fee:No contract, $99/3months

Benefits: Open membership, $10/class, free weights, machines, cardio machines, & personal trainer (extra cost)



3 month (Prepay $150.00), 9 mon.($40.00 per month + $15.00 joiner fee), 1 year ( $35.00 per month + $15.00 joiner fee)


Cardio, weight machines, classes, personal trainer (extra cost), crossfit classes, tanning