Leadership Development at Mines

Discover your leadership potential at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology! Leadership skills are life skills! The staff of the SALC know that leadership comes in a variety of forms. Whether you hold a campus job, are the president of a student organization, a member of a CAMP team, or attend our All Campus Leadership Retreat. We know there is a leadership opportunity for you!

Consider attending one or all of these various events to learn more about leadership and develop your leadership skills at the same time. These opportunities will also allow you to network with you fellow classmates and develop those connections that will assist you later in your career!

All Campus Leadership Retreat

October 14-15 at Cedar Canyon Camp
Theme: How to Get Away With Leading
Featuring 5 speakers, and a variety of interactive activities!
Cost is $25.00
Sign up here! Must register by October 7

Student Activities and Leadership Center Leadership Series

(Click on each topic for more information)

November 8- Emotional Intelligence Leadership (4:00 pm EEP 252)
November 14-True Colors Leadership (4:00 pm CB 204 E)
February 7- Fail Off! (4:00 pm, CB 204 E/W)
February 25-Mines Advantage Conference-More information coming soon!
March 14- Inclusive Leadership- (4:00pm)

Student Leadership Awards

Information coming soon!


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Personal Development on a Professional Level

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