Student Affairs

Mission: To improve student life on campus by assessing student opinion and gauging of relevance in areas such as student rights, student discounts, university future, and parking. We use this input to help shape policy and direction of the Student Association.

  • Chair: Gina Rossi
  • John Keating
  • Yerlan Omirzhan
  • Bradley Peterson
  • Alex Schimbeno

Public Relations

Mission: To facilitate healthy communication between Student Association, student organizations, the student body, the administration, and the community.

  • Chair: Eileen Spilman
  • Paige Dexter
  • Sahil Prabhudesai
  • Rachel Raysby


Mission:  Serving the Senate and student organizations by monitoring funds, appropriating SOAP and GAF monies, exploring financial opportunities, and informing students about funding issues that directly affect the quality and accessibility of their education.

  • Chair:Alexander Spilman
  • Ezra Grothe
  • Edward Knudsen
  • Alexander Muchow
  • Anthony Wright 

Government Relations

Mission: Responsible for representing the Student Association to the city, state, and larger regions; lobbying various groups for higher education issues that directly impact SD Mines; recruiting and retaining members of Senate while pronouncing morale within the organization; and conducting elections.

  • Chair:Gina Elmore
  • Brigit Kelly
  • Jin Kim
  • Yanlin Li
  • Alyssia Rupp


Mission: To maintain and uphold the Student Association constitution and facilitate the creation and continuation of student organizations.

  • Chair:Ariana Lopez
  • Alec 'Matteo' Knox
  • Jake Oberpriller
  • Cody Schellinger