Our Projects and Initiatives

Student for Higher Learning Days (SHED)
Student senators across the state including SDSMT senators got the opportunity to attend SHED. This was held in Pierre, SD. This picture was taken in the Capitol building. This event gave students the opportunity to meet with legislators to lobby and discuss certain bills that pertain to higher education. Governor Daugaard spoke to the students as well.

New Student Organizations
Baseball Club
Lambda Chi Alpha
Shutter Discovery Club
Pep Band
Materials Research Society
Hardrocker Dance Team

Good Samaritan Alcohol Policy
This is a bill that schools in South Dakota are looking into proposing to the Board of Regents this year. Basically this bill states that immunity will be given from a minor in consumption if it is a person who calls 911 for help of a friend in an alcohol related emergency. This person must cooperate with authorities and stay with the patient. There are many sides to this bill but the overall goal is to help save lives and decrease uncertainty when calling 911 in alcohol related emergencies across the state. Student Senate at SDSMT is working on researching the opinions of students on campus to decide what side to take on the bill. A forum for this bill for students to attend was held on November 1st and another one this semester may be held so look out for that if you are interested in learning about this bill!

Recreation Center
The rec center planning is still in full swing. An architect has just been approved to begin designing. Once a design and budget is made up for the rec center it will be brought to the Board of Regents for approval. The main part of this project that needs approval is the fee increase that students voted on last year. The fee increase is what the Board of Regents did not approve last year, so we are hoping with a plan and budget set this time they will approve it. This rec center will be a great asset to the campus and all students. The current wellness center is very small and with a growing school will not meet the needs that we will have in the future. Input and ideas are welcome for this project! Talk to any of your fellow student senators if you would like to get involved.