Co-op Academic Credit

To obtain academic credit, students who have accepted a co-op position must register for a Cooperative Education (CP) course of 1-3 credit hours for the semester or summer they are on co-op. Co-op credits may be applied toward graduation requirements in accordance with university and departmental policy.

CP 297/397/497/697 (1-3 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.) Credit is available for each semester or summer work experience upon approval by the departmental cooperative education coordinator. *NOTE: WebAdvisor shows 1 credit hour for CP courses. To register for more credits, change to the appropriate number before clicking "submit". Because the work performed by a co-op student is equivalent to the workload of a full-time student, a student on co-op WHO IS REGISTERED FOR CO-OP CREDIT shall be considered to have full-time student status.

Students must satisfy departmental requirements in order to earn credit for the course. Requirements include a written report of the work experience and an employer's evaluation of the work performance.

Co-op Student Report Format

Employer Evaluation Form