Co-op Student Checklist

Obtaining a co-op:

  1. Visit with your advisor to and develop a degree completion plan. 
  2. Register with the Career & Professional Development Center and apply with employers. 
  3. Conduct a job search of other prospective employers. 
After accepting a co-op:
  1. Contact your department co-op coordinator about how many credit hours (1-3) you can earn for your co-op. 
  2. Register for a co-op course (CP 297/397/497/697) via WebAdvisor. NOTE: WebAdvisor shows 1 credit for CP courses. To register for more hours, change the number before clicking "submit". 
  3. Complete the co-op/intern survey and return to the Career & Professional Development Center. 
  4. Contact the financial aid office about any scholarships or other financial aid for the semester you will be on co-op. 
  5. Arrange payment of tuition/fees for your co-op course. 
While on co-op:
  1. Work hard, learn a lot, and demonstrate your value to the employer.
  2. Keep a record of your co-op work experience to help in writing your co-op report .
  3. Obtain a supervisor’s evaluation of your work performance.
  4. Register for your returning semester courses via WebAdvisor. 
  5. Contact the Career & Professional Development Center if you need any assistance.
After returning from co-op:
  1. Submit your co-op report and employer evaluation form to your department co-op coordinator. 
  2. Update your résumé to reflect your new relevant work experience.