Interviewing Advice from a Recruiter/Alumnus

Doug Aldrich
SDSM&T Alumnus
BS ChE62, MS ChE68
PhD Humane Letters (Hon) 2001
Dow Corning Corporation
Midland, Michigan

Doug Aldrich (ChE 62, MS ChE 68) is an alumnus of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology who spent thirty years recruiting for Dow Corning on campus. During that period, he conducted 1,041 interviews! Doug's interviewing experience provides students with some useful insights into the communications expected of them during their interviews and their initial professional years.

Several years ago, Doug addressed the Technical Communication students at SD School of Mines & Technology about essential communication skills needed to be an effective interviewee and employee. His responses to the questions submitted by students are grouped into two sections (Links Below).

Communications in Interviewing

Communications in Industry