"I would describe the VRC as a haven.  It's a place to go, at any time, where everyone cares and is willing to help.  I have used the VRC as a place to keep lunch and books, stop in during breaks, work on homework, get free tutoring, get scholarship advice, receive help on resumes and internship applications, get  advice and solutions to other problems, grab a much needed cup of coffee, and make good friends.  I have received two NASA internships and used the VRC resources to obtain them.  I am very thankful our school has the VRC!"

Trisha Michael (Air Force)
 Atmospheric Science, SDSM&T

"The Veterans Resource Center has been a huge help to me, not only for educational aspects, but also for dealing with family life as a full-time student. There are multiple helpful resources such as résumé help, study help, veteran health and job personnel, dry erase boards, fridges, and toaster ovens to help our veteran non-traditional students save money."

Matthew Savageau (Army)
Mechanical Engineering, SDSM&T

"With the VRC, we once again have a location where we can feel the same sense of belonging and camaraderie we once had in the military."

Ryan Brown (Army)
Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering, SDSM&T

"I returned to school, it was obvious I would need an academic support group to succeed, but I felt out of place studying with traditional students.  In the VRC, I find the academic and social support I need from peers that share my unique life experiences.  I don't believe I could have made it this far without them.."

Kevin Glassner (Retired Air Force)
Industrial Engineering, SDSM&T