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Our commitment and services to students with disabilities

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is like other higher education institutions in that it is seeing an increase in the enrollment of students with various disabilities:  physical impairments, neurological impairments, learning disabilities, mental and psychological disorders.  As an institution of higher education, we are committed to assisting our students find success in their chosen field and are required by federal law to provide reasonable accommodations for students with unique needs.


In order to qualify for a "reasonable accommodation" under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a student must identify him or herself as disabled by providing written documentation from a licensed professional in the area of that disability.  The referring health professional, student and national guidelines help define what may be referred to as an "accommodation."  The ADA coordinator assists the student in working with professors to provide "reasonable accommodations" when necessary.   At times, what is defined as necessary by the student and what is reasonable to the instructor may be in conflict.  The ADA coordinator works to ensure that the needs of the student are weighed against the academic integrity of a given course to ensure that both parties are heard and all options considered.


At the start of the semester, a student with a documented disability should meet or e-mail a professor with the student's requested accommodation.  The most common "reasonable accommodation" is extended test time and a separate room in which to take an exam.  This type of assistance can be provided by Counseling Services and the ADA Coordinator located in the Surbeck Center or the department can make its own arrangements.  A host of other services are available depending on the needs of the student.  Student tutors and a modified computer lab for special needs students are available for students with ADA certified needs. 


Please feel free to contact Counseling Services at 394-1924 or email ADA Coordinator,, with questions, concerns or if you feel a requested accommodation has not been provided. 


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